With all of this talk about parents, families, and what we struggle through to be our own person, I was thinking about the legacies that we are left with from our parents and extended family members.  I have been thinking on all of the many gifts and traits that my parents have bestowed upon me that I am so grateful to have. 

Today, seems to be the most appropriate day to write about this, because just minutes ago, my dad called to tell me that my mother is again in the hospital, for the health issues that she had last month.  The fears that my sister described to me are to be realized, at least it feels that way in this moment.  What better way to get through this difficult time but to recall all that she has given me, she and my dad. 

My mother has given me generosity.  When someone needed something, an ear, a gift, a bag of groceries, a ride, my mom was there to help out.  She always wanted to give to others very freely and willingly, and took little for herself, if anything, in return.  She is just built this way. 

My father has taught me sensitivity.  He is never stingy with hugs, with telling me that he loves me, and talking about good times, and difficult times, that we have had together as a family.  He also will be there for me when I need him, and knows how precious his family is, and will fight fiercely for it.

My mother has taught me how to multitask.  She worked full time my entire childhood, and she was able to hold down that job, shop and take care of our family, and drive us anywhere we had to go.  She was also able to be the cookie mom for Girl Scouts, work on the PTA at school, and work on other outside activities.  I have that in my genes, that is for sure.

My parents have both taught us loyalty.  That family always comes first, and if one needs the others, we are there for them.  They have taught us to not be afraid, even when faced with something difficult and dire, to walk through it as strongly as possible.  Both of my parents have always, ALWAYS, taught us that we can be or do whatever it is we desire, if we stay focused on our goals and dreams.  Also, that we need to expect the best of ourselves, and always give our biggest efforts to those things that we strive for.  They both also taught us to be polite and respectful, to care about the feelings of others, and to not burn your bridges; you never know when you may need to call on a past connection, job or relationship.

I feel so fortunate to still have my parents with me; so blessed to have had them as my parents, for they have taught me so many things that are now part of me, and part of our child.  And, in a way, my parents helped bring my partner to me; for in raising me the way that they did, they helped us to find one another, in valuing the same things, for her parents raised her in much the same way.

I love you, mom and dad.  And, every moment that we have with one another is a precious gift, that I will forever cherish…….



14 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. That’s beautiful indeed.
    I love and cherish my parents too, and I do try and tell them this. But being ever so British we find it very hard… I still have a birthday card from many years ago from my dad, which summed up things nicely, and meant we didn’t embarrass each other!

  2. What a beautiful post, and I hope your mother’s health gets much better. It sounds like your parents have given you many wonderful traits to be proud of.

  3. This is a wonderful tribute to your parents. I’m glad they taught you such important things and their values have stuck with you. I’ll say prayers for your mother and keep your family in my thoughts during these times. You write so well, Vanessa! Take care:)

  4. Viv: Thank you, and for lighting the candle as well; it has been a busy day, here at work thankfully. But I did speak with her and she is doing okay. Now they just have to figure out what is up with her…..

    Leah: Thank you; I know how important your family is to you also, thank you for your warm thoughts.

    Sue: They taught me so much, some of which created challenges for me in my life, but overall have made me such a stronger person. Thank you for your thoughts at this time; I really appreciate it….

  5. Joy: You are so kind; thank you! And, the good news is, that they have narrowed it down to the gall bladder; they are taking it out today…… Thank you for your good wishes….

    Tiny: Thanks 😀

  6. Wow this IS a wonderful tribute to your parents. Maybe you should print it out and have them read it. It doesn’t surprise me that you had a beautiful life growing up and terrific parents, it comes through in you. I know your daughter will if not already carry those same traits.I hope it goes PERFECT with your mom and she heals quickly!!! HUGS!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Nikki: Thanks, and I am glad that the legacy that they have left for me shows…. I think that printing it out and giving it to them is a super idea; they would love it. And, my mom came through everything just wonderfully; problem solved we think, and going home today!!! She has to rest up for us to invade her in three weeks for DISNEY!!!!!!!!!

  8. YAY!! I’m SO glad she’s all better, for the most part. And going home today..that’s awesome!!! DISNEY???? Please tell. I LOVE Disney. Jason says I live in the world of Disney!! 🙂 I WISH!

  9. Nikki: Yeah, off to Disney 20 days from today; going to spend a couple of days with my parents, four days at Disney with them joining us for a couple of them. Seven days of vacation, which we have not had in a couple of years!!! I am SOOOOO excited, we all are!!!

    Psych: Thanks, you! Hugging you right back!!!

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