Dancing to the soundtrack of my life!

I know that I am a bit strange, but I experience this phenomena on an almost daily basis that I feel compelled to share and to write about.  For my regular, dedicated readers, this post will come as little surprise to you, knowing who I am and what my personality is like.

I thoroughly enjoy music, many kinds of music.  When listening to some of my favorite songs or bands, like Coldplay, the songs will play over and over in my head, like a soundtrack.  The words ring through as I am doing other things, and I feel like I move, walk and go through my day with the music accompanying me.  It is strange, but very true.  I will break out in a smile when I think about how contented my life is.

But, there’s more.  I will, usually several times a day, imagine myself with my arms spread out wide, spinning in a circle, or dancing around, in the yard, in the street, in my office.  For me, I envision loving and enjoying my life so much, that I want to break out in dance.  Dance to the soundtrack of my life.

To me, life is a complete joy.  Sure, there are moments of hardship, moments of stress and feeling overwhelmed.  But, more often than those moments, are the full and ever present moments of feeling so contented with my daily living that I just cannot help but smile, and want to dance and shout about it.  Besides the fact that I have a terrific family, a job that I like, a home that I enjoy, and dreams and goals for myself, my contented life comes from staying self aware, exploring, learning and growing, and doing my best to always live as closely to my soul as I can.  I know that to be most true to myself is what keeps my life contented and balanced.

This is not a miracle bestowed upon me for some unknown reason.  This is a present state of mind and life for me because I have created this life for myself.  I have trusted my instincts, followed my heart, been hurt and knocked down and gotten up again.  I have never given up on going after what is important to me.  I have taken care of others as well as myself.  I have kept my faith.  I have been self sufficient.  I have lived a life of love, full of love.

And, I have never stopped hearing the soundtrack, or dancing whenever I feel like it.  And, it is just wonderful…….


10 thoughts on “Dancing to the soundtrack of my life!

  1. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. You dancing to your own soundtrack of life!!!!! SO YOU V!!!!! I can see it my head too, your arms wide open twirling around smiling ear to ear!! I see it and I join you!!! Beautiful as always. You live for the love you have and you love the life you’re in. And that my beautiful friend is why I LOVE you…. 🙂 Someday you and I will dance in the rain with our arms open and spinning in circles laughing and loving life. Until then we do it in spirit. 😉

  2. You are so right, and that is all so true. And, YOU should write on this beautiful quote in your comment:
    “You live for the love you have and you love the life you’re in.”

    Perfectly said. I love you too, and appreciate your presen(ts) in my life so much!!!! HUGS, big ones!!!! Me

  3. Vanessa, you have been nominated for the “When life hands you lemons” award. Wander over to my blog for the details. Such a positive attitude. Congrats, you deserve it!

    Just add it to the soundtrack of your life!

  4. Hi!
    I was actually just curious if i could use your picture of the street sign that said ” Hope” and it has the one way arrow n all..???
    if you get the chance to reply. would be much appreciated. thanks a ton !!

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