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Pray, every day.

The power of prayer is certainly mighty.  And, not for the reason you might think. 


For me, the power of the prayer is not in the fact of whether or not it is answered.  It is in the self love and faith that creates that desire for us to call out to something more powerful than us.  It is our daily tribute to what is, or what will be.


For me, prayer serves two main purposes.  The first of those is gratitude.  I find myself more than a couple of times a day, pausing and reflecting on how outrageously great my life is.  How many gifts that I have present in my life.  How terrifically (?) I am cared for in the world.  How grateful I am to have open eyes and open heart to all that life has in store for me.  Full, profound gratitude.


The second way in which prayer is most helpful for me in my daily life is in turning it over, letting go and letting God, as it is said.  How true, and how it works for me.


I dislike flying immensely.  To put it bluntly, I HATE IT.  I have determined that the reason that I hate it so much is that I am afraid about being that out of control, that powerless, to the outcome of a situation.  When we were preparing for our trip a few weeks ago to Florida, about a week before we left, I was driving and started thinking about the flight, and became so filled with fear and panic that I thought I would have an anxiety attack.  This last for a couple of minutes, until I finally said, and prayed the words, “I trust you, Lord.  It is in your hands.  I am turning it over to you.” 


I immediately felt a calm wash over me, because I knew, I had given it to the right person.  I knew that in my powerlessness, I turned over my fear and worry to whom was the driving force.  A power greater than myself was at hand, and I was admitting that and letting go.  What a relief!


I have prayed at times to a higher power for an answer, or to get something that I wanted or thought I needed.  But, more often than that, the prayers and petitions that I have put forth are out of thankfulness, and seeking the strength to carry whatever God has put before me.


Prayer is not for special occasions, or dire need alone.  It is for every day, because we all can benefit from that connection, each and every day, as many times as we can a day.


And, pray in your way.  Raise your hands, with palms together.  Open them up wide and stretch your arms to the sky.  Close your eyes and reflect.  There is no right or wrong way to do it. 


It is just important to make time for it, every day. 


You will be so glad that you did. 


Being deliberate

For the last few days, there is a recurring theme that has been showing itself in my life.  The perspective of being intentional, being deliberate in what I think, say, do, and how I believe.  I have been deliberating for days on being deliberate.


Being deliberate in thought, word and deed is not always easy.  It is especially challenging if it is not the way that we have lived our lives previously.  Any new habit can be challenging at first, whether we are trying to eat less, exercise more, pray, love, or whatever it may be.  If it is not the way that we have always done things, we will continue to do things the way that we have always done them, if we are not deliberate in what we do.


For me, being deliberate has two different aspects.  First, in being deliberate, we are being intentional in what we do.  Every moment, every action, has a goal and a purpose in it.  Now, I believe about humans that every thing that we do does have a purpose, even if we are acutely unaware of the purpose in our lives.  Being deliberate means creating awareness about what we are doing and why we are doing it at all times.  In what way does it benefit us, create difference in our lives?  That is true intention; acting in a way that creates full awareness of our impact.  That is not easy, by any means.  We have to slow ourselves WAY DOWN to have such awareness.  We need to tune out the static and be present.  We have to walk our path, not alone necessarily, but in a way that shows that we mean business.  Sure, we falter and fall and go off in the woods for a time, but we feel within our deepest core that we know just where we are going.


Being deliberate.


The other aspect of deliberate for me, is the deliberating of it.  So, there is being deliberate, but then, there is deliberating, which means, thinking on something.  Pondering or considering something.  So, to be deliberate in our actions, we need to deliberate, or think on them.  Really, the strongest muscle that we all possess is our minds, and it is amazing how resilient and powerful that muscle can become.  For, in my way of looking at it, when we change the way that we think about something, the sky is the limit.  Anything is possible.  Dreams come true and hopes are fulfilled. 


So, we need to be deliberate in our deliberating.


There are times in my life when I felt like my emotions had the most control; or times when my physical illnesses were calling the shots.  But, no matter what, when all is said and done, the most powerful tool that we all have is the power of thought.  If we can think it, we can make it happen.  It really is so true.


I was thinking about this concept in terms of dreams.  How many of us dream our dreams for our lives, but view those dreams as a fairy tale, in that they most likely will never come true?  Raise your hands…….


Now, how many of us, dream those dreams, but we can actually visualize those dreams for ourselves?  We see ourselves doing those very things that are borne out of our imaginations?  If that is you, clap wildly and say, “I believe in fairies, I do!” 


Because, you see, we all should dream that way.  No matter if your dreams have been shattered in the past, or if you feel tired and unwanted and unable to go on, we ALL can dream that way.  Anything is possible, dreams do come true.


And, it rocks to believe in fairies.


A meme~~~

I rarely do these, but this one sounds fun so I will try it. 


I was tagged by psychscribe  with this Pass on the Glee Torch of Happiness.

The rules are that the recipient is to list six things that make him/her happy before subsequently passing forward the glee to others. (ok, so a meme by any other name smells as sweet…)

1. My beloved and our daughter

2. The smell of lilacs

3. Christmas

4. My wonderful friends

5. Our pets

6. Writing!!!!!

So I pass this on to:


1.  Joy

2.  Nikki

3.  Tiny Dancer

4.  Deeps

5.  leah

6.  San



Discovering the magic!



That about sums it up, Disney World that is.




We had the absolute time of our lives.  We met princesses and mice and overgrown dogs and ducks. 



We discovered magic at every turn.  Whether in the Mickey Mouse-shaped towel design that was waiting for us in our hotel room when we checked in; to getting balloons every night if we wanted; to the guitar shaped swimming pool.  And, to meet all of the characters of our dreams, to see fairies in a butterfly garden, to get a kiss on the cheek from an overgrown mouse in trousers……


To seeing the princesses that we have watched on the screen, so many times, come to life right before our eyes. 


And, to watch our daughter, and each other, be swept away in the magic, the mystery, the joy in all of those moments.


Before we went off to Disney World, and walked in all of the places that we had dreamt of for years, I firmly believed that the magic was in that place.  It was inside that magic castle, and on the Flying Elephants, and in the smiles of the princesses.


But, what we learned while we were there, and every moment since we have been back, is that there is surely magic there.  But, the magic that made the trip so special was the magic that it awakened in each one of us.


The magic of believing in your dreams, no matter how out of reach they may seem. 


The magic of looking at the world through a child’s eyes, with an open heart.


The magic of using your imagination, so strongly that you can hold a fairy in your hands and make a wish.


The magic of fireworks over a castle that turns colors in the starry night.


The magic within each of us, to allow the experience to wash over us with all of the joy and fun and genuineness that is intended.  To appreciate the gift that we gave to ourselves and that was offered up to us in that four day visit.


Discover your magic.  Reach inside and let it pop out.  It really isn’t the places, people and things outside of ourselves that are magical.


It is each one of us.  Grab your wand and go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With a child’s eyes, a child’s soul, a child’s heart…….

So, one day to go.  The countdown is just about up.

We are leaving for Florida tomorrow.  Destination, family, and, DISNEY.

For the first time, EVER, for me, Jamie, Hannah, and my parents.

Is there an age that a person can be that isn’t suited for Disney?  Really, is there ANYTHING they haven’t thought of?  They even have “gay days” at the park. 

Seriously, I am a kid at heart, right down to my soul, anyway.  I absolutely love the energy and innocence and splendor in being child like, in seeing the world through hopeful, open eyes.  I don’t ever want to be jaded, or so cynical that a place like Disneyworld could be seen as nothing more than a way to make millions of dollars.

It is more than that to me.  It is pure magic.

When I walk the roadways and see the sights there, I know that I will be full of tears.  It is like a dream come true, to go to such a magical place, all based on a vision of a man who adored children and only wanted to make them happy.  Walt himself.

Hannah and Walt share the same birthday.  Cool huh?

I am hoping that the princesses that I come across won’t think I am too old for a hug.  I look forward to seeing the whole thing through our daughter’s eyes.  I want to sleep in an orange hotel room, and swim in a guitar shaped pool.  And eat french fries every day for a week if I choose.

I feel so blessed, so excited, so happy.