Discovering the magic!



That about sums it up, Disney World that is.




We had the absolute time of our lives.  We met princesses and mice and overgrown dogs and ducks. 



We discovered magic at every turn.  Whether in the Mickey Mouse-shaped towel design that was waiting for us in our hotel room when we checked in; to getting balloons every night if we wanted; to the guitar shaped swimming pool.  And, to meet all of the characters of our dreams, to see fairies in a butterfly garden, to get a kiss on the cheek from an overgrown mouse in trousers……


To seeing the princesses that we have watched on the screen, so many times, come to life right before our eyes. 


And, to watch our daughter, and each other, be swept away in the magic, the mystery, the joy in all of those moments.


Before we went off to Disney World, and walked in all of the places that we had dreamt of for years, I firmly believed that the magic was in that place.  It was inside that magic castle, and on the Flying Elephants, and in the smiles of the princesses.


But, what we learned while we were there, and every moment since we have been back, is that there is surely magic there.  But, the magic that made the trip so special was the magic that it awakened in each one of us.


The magic of believing in your dreams, no matter how out of reach they may seem. 


The magic of looking at the world through a child’s eyes, with an open heart.


The magic of using your imagination, so strongly that you can hold a fairy in your hands and make a wish.


The magic of fireworks over a castle that turns colors in the starry night.


The magic within each of us, to allow the experience to wash over us with all of the joy and fun and genuineness that is intended.  To appreciate the gift that we gave to ourselves and that was offered up to us in that four day visit.


Discover your magic.  Reach inside and let it pop out.  It really isn’t the places, people and things outside of ourselves that are magical.


It is each one of us.  Grab your wand and go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



14 thoughts on “Discovering the magic!

  1. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t have said it better! I think Disneyland/Disney World are magical places because they open each of us up to the magic that we are. And no matter how many times one visits, the wonder is reawakened each and every time and each time we think about it.

    I have an artist hero, who goes to Disneyland as often as possible to recharge the artistic fire. Learning about this made my last trip even more meaningful, as I was completely open to whatever inspiration would flow my way.

    I am so delighted Vanessa that you, your sweetie, your daughter and the rest of your group were enveloped in this wonderful magic. I suspect you brought a lot of your own magic there, which is why you can bring so much back with you!

  2. Glad you had such a good time. My daughter went to Disneyland (Paris) about five years ago as a part of her media studies course. Not being able to compare but going on reports, the Paris version is nowhere near as good. Plus(I work a great deal with the French, love them but know their faults) it suffers from being situated in Paris, which in my opinion is one of the rudest and least friendly cities in the world!
    Now magic, that’s a word to conjure with…

  3. Yep, Magic is definitely the word for it; I have also heard from friends that have been to the Disneyland in California and Disney World, that Disney World is the favorite. There were so many special, unique moments that were more special because we allowed that magic to connect with us within.

    I hope you are well! V.

  4. I’m so happy you guys had a good time. I would just love to go there someday with the grandkids. I thought about you guys constantly last week and was really hoping it would turn out like this. Way to go.

  5. Thanks Joy! It was just so amazing it is hard to find words for it; we shot over 400 pictures and just captured every second of it and it is trapped in our memories forever. Besides the fun of it all, we really needed that fun family time. I hope you do it someday!

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