Being deliberate

For the last few days, there is a recurring theme that has been showing itself in my life.  The perspective of being intentional, being deliberate in what I think, say, do, and how I believe.  I have been deliberating for days on being deliberate.


Being deliberate in thought, word and deed is not always easy.  It is especially challenging if it is not the way that we have lived our lives previously.  Any new habit can be challenging at first, whether we are trying to eat less, exercise more, pray, love, or whatever it may be.  If it is not the way that we have always done things, we will continue to do things the way that we have always done them, if we are not deliberate in what we do.


For me, being deliberate has two different aspects.  First, in being deliberate, we are being intentional in what we do.  Every moment, every action, has a goal and a purpose in it.  Now, I believe about humans that every thing that we do does have a purpose, even if we are acutely unaware of the purpose in our lives.  Being deliberate means creating awareness about what we are doing and why we are doing it at all times.  In what way does it benefit us, create difference in our lives?  That is true intention; acting in a way that creates full awareness of our impact.  That is not easy, by any means.  We have to slow ourselves WAY DOWN to have such awareness.  We need to tune out the static and be present.  We have to walk our path, not alone necessarily, but in a way that shows that we mean business.  Sure, we falter and fall and go off in the woods for a time, but we feel within our deepest core that we know just where we are going.


Being deliberate.


The other aspect of deliberate for me, is the deliberating of it.  So, there is being deliberate, but then, there is deliberating, which means, thinking on something.  Pondering or considering something.  So, to be deliberate in our actions, we need to deliberate, or think on them.  Really, the strongest muscle that we all possess is our minds, and it is amazing how resilient and powerful that muscle can become.  For, in my way of looking at it, when we change the way that we think about something, the sky is the limit.  Anything is possible.  Dreams come true and hopes are fulfilled. 


So, we need to be deliberate in our deliberating.


There are times in my life when I felt like my emotions had the most control; or times when my physical illnesses were calling the shots.  But, no matter what, when all is said and done, the most powerful tool that we all have is the power of thought.  If we can think it, we can make it happen.  It really is so true.


I was thinking about this concept in terms of dreams.  How many of us dream our dreams for our lives, but view those dreams as a fairy tale, in that they most likely will never come true?  Raise your hands…….


Now, how many of us, dream those dreams, but we can actually visualize those dreams for ourselves?  We see ourselves doing those very things that are borne out of our imaginations?  If that is you, clap wildly and say, “I believe in fairies, I do!” 


Because, you see, we all should dream that way.  No matter if your dreams have been shattered in the past, or if you feel tired and unwanted and unable to go on, we ALL can dream that way.  Anything is possible, dreams do come true.


And, it rocks to believe in fairies.



6 thoughts on “Being deliberate

  1. It certainly does rock to believe in fairies.. I believe.. And I believe in fairy tales and I believe in Santa..

    Great post Vanessa (as usual)..

  2. For me, I need to spend less time deliberating and be more spontaneous. That’s just me.
    I do believe in faeries; I can’t not. They’d come and poke me in my sleep and mess my things up if I didn’t. And yes, I have actually seen faeries. They don’t look at all like Tinkerbell either!
    The men in the white coats will be calling for me at tea time….

  3. Tell those fellows to be still and believe, maybe they would see them as well!!!

    Spontaneity has its place as well, I hear you with that. Sometimes, there is too much thinking and planning going on; for me, the act of deliberation keeps me present more than future oriented. That always keeps me grounded.

    Enjoy your faerie friends!!!

  4. [clapping my hands]

    So true about being deliberate, which is one reason I adore the whole “live on purpose” thing.

    Although, I deliberate quite a bit and I could definitely take more action!

  5. But the deliberating is the first step to action, Hayden, from where I sit. That means, you know the drill and are on your way.

    I firmly believing that even in thinking or dreaming about something, we are DOING. So, keep it going on, girl!

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