Pray, every day.

The power of prayer is certainly mighty.  And, not for the reason you might think. 


For me, the power of the prayer is not in the fact of whether or not it is answered.  It is in the self love and faith that creates that desire for us to call out to something more powerful than us.  It is our daily tribute to what is, or what will be.


For me, prayer serves two main purposes.  The first of those is gratitude.  I find myself more than a couple of times a day, pausing and reflecting on how outrageously great my life is.  How many gifts that I have present in my life.  How terrifically (?) I am cared for in the world.  How grateful I am to have open eyes and open heart to all that life has in store for me.  Full, profound gratitude.


The second way in which prayer is most helpful for me in my daily life is in turning it over, letting go and letting God, as it is said.  How true, and how it works for me.


I dislike flying immensely.  To put it bluntly, I HATE IT.  I have determined that the reason that I hate it so much is that I am afraid about being that out of control, that powerless, to the outcome of a situation.  When we were preparing for our trip a few weeks ago to Florida, about a week before we left, I was driving and started thinking about the flight, and became so filled with fear and panic that I thought I would have an anxiety attack.  This last for a couple of minutes, until I finally said, and prayed the words, “I trust you, Lord.  It is in your hands.  I am turning it over to you.” 


I immediately felt a calm wash over me, because I knew, I had given it to the right person.  I knew that in my powerlessness, I turned over my fear and worry to whom was the driving force.  A power greater than myself was at hand, and I was admitting that and letting go.  What a relief!


I have prayed at times to a higher power for an answer, or to get something that I wanted or thought I needed.  But, more often than that, the prayers and petitions that I have put forth are out of thankfulness, and seeking the strength to carry whatever God has put before me.


Prayer is not for special occasions, or dire need alone.  It is for every day, because we all can benefit from that connection, each and every day, as many times as we can a day.


And, pray in your way.  Raise your hands, with palms together.  Open them up wide and stretch your arms to the sky.  Close your eyes and reflect.  There is no right or wrong way to do it. 


It is just important to make time for it, every day. 


You will be so glad that you did. 



16 thoughts on “Pray, every day.

  1. You know, Vanessa. . . I’m so glad you reminded me of this today. I often forget to pray. . . I start leaning on my own understanding and forgetting that I’m not in control of most of what’s occuring in my life. There is a higher power that can turn things around at any given moment. There is a higher power to go to when I feel I can’t go on any more. And, although I’m forever greatful for my life, I also forget to be ever so thankful in prayer. When I was a young divorced mother with small children struggling day to day, I would sing hyms while cleaning or cooking, and somehow it always made me feel so much better. My favorite was Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.

    Again, thanks. I had somehow, somewhere forgot how powerful prayer is.

    Blessings, Sis.

  2. Cordie: Anytime, sister. I am so glad that this was timely for you; but of course, nothing is by accident. You were meant to come by today and hear what you needed. We all need to be fortified and reminded time and again. That is why I feel so blessed by this blogging community, it keeps us aware to help ourselves and one another.

    I am hugging you, my friend. Peace. V.

  3. You are such a special lady. 😀 I also think the power of prayer is amazing! I think we should all spend time alone everyday, deep in prayer and meditation. It’s amazing how much calmer things can be after that. 😀

  4. Thanks, you! I was admiring your photo over at your place of the members of your family over the Easter holiday; it looks so welcoming!!!!

    I agree about prayer; when we put forth our intentions, our thoughts, our energy, amazing things happen…..

  5. Hi, Vanessa you writen a great article. Realy I surprise after i read these words about the prayer influence in your life. Because I were thinking the people who prayer are just muslims. In islam you have to pray five times a day. But realy it make sense in the muslim day and life. It divided his day to different time areas and give you more power to complete your day with extra power. One more thing the muslim do not be a muslim if he do not prayer five time every day.
    You can read more about islam in this site.

  6. Since I had kids I have wondered how any mother could do it without prayer. It always helped me knowing my kids had a greater Father, a greater Mother, divine looking out for them and for me. Thanks for this wonderful essay.

  7. Nasser: Welcome, so glad to have you visit here! Although my prayer really is not part of any organized religion, I can see how powerful it is when used in the Muslim world. I find it so inspiring and life affirming to pray, to give thanks, to acknowledge my blessings, as often as I can!

    Please, come back and visit soon!!! Peace, Vanessa

    Psychscribe: Thank you so much for that! I am glad this one rings true with you also; no surprise to me!!! Hugs! V.

  8. Tiny: Yes, once we are parents, the prayer seems to help; I felt so much like I wasn’t ever doing it right when our daughter was really little; I still feel that way at times, but much less often.

    ALthough, the letting go and letting God is strongest for me when it comes to those I love, even more than for myself. I worry about them so!!!!

  9. This is a beautiful reminder that prayer doesn’t have to revolve around any particular religion or has to be done in any specific way.

    I am grateful to have read this and grateful to have found you.

    Thank you


  10. Prayer is one way of communicating with God.Its a way of expressing our gratitude, fears and uncertainty in life…

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