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The tortoise and the hare



Any one out there like the Moody Blues?  I mean, the 1970’s Moody Blues.  Days of Future Passed; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour; Nights in White Satin.  The classic stuff.


I used to listen to them so much as a youth, influenced by my older brother and sister and their music tastes.  And, luckily, they had excellent taste in music.  I have been listening to one of the classic CD’s lately, and the song “The tortoise and the Hare” is on it.  And, I have been compelled to listen to it over and over again.  Then, I kind of thought about how it is a theme in my life that I wanted to write about.


The first area that I find this recurring theme is in how I conduct my daily living.  When I feel pressured, and rushed, or not just going at a reasonable pace, I burn out quickly and get farther behind anyway.  I make more mistakes, I misjudge, and sometimes I even get hurt because I am not paying full attention.  Speed does not work in my favor here.  Being slow, steady, and vigilant always seems to serve the purpose.



Unless, that is, I am sprinting as my life event, in which case immediate, accurate speed would be on my side.  Luckily, I am not called upon to participate in such an activity very often.


Today, this theme continues to play out in my mind in the aspect of activism and justice.  I am thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I am thinking about Ghandi.  I am thinking about Rosa Parks and Caesare Chavez and all of those whom fought so hard for change, but it was years in the making.


I am an activist, but I have to be a patient activist, and I have to be a hopeful activist.  I need to be the tortoise, even when I want to be the hare.  I need to keep my eye on the goal, I need to work steadily toward that goal, I need to take my friends and supports with me, and never waver from what is most important; justice and liberty for all.


I believe that the  dissenters,  in terms of civil rights and justice for LGBT persons  and other oppressed people, those dissenters are the hares in this race for justice.  They want change in a hurry, maybe in a bigger hurry than us.  They can’t wait, because if they waste any time, people that aren’t sure about their views might just change their mind.  They need to act quickly, those dissenters of ours, because this country changes quickly, and if they lose sight of their goal and change is not immediate, they stand the risk of us getting the civil rights that we deserve.



So, we must continue to be the tortoise.  Focused.  Ready.  Steady.  Slow.  Patient.  Resilient.  Keeping our shells intact and ready for the hits. 

And hopeful.  Forever hopeful.  Change is coming. 

I only need to stop and rest a little while…….

I feel like our daughter used to feel when she was smaller, and would walk and walk with us out shopping or playing, and would just need to sit and rest for a bit, while she gathered her energy back up. 


The Prop 8 decision came down today.  And, marriages already granted in California will stand as legal, but no further marriages will be granted there, and marriage in the state of California is between one man and one woman only from this point forward.  Seems a little bit confusing, doesn’t it?  I mean, I am so grateful that the marriages granted are standing.  But, no one else gets the chance? 


Why is it that the granting of civil rights to us as loving, committed couples has to be hit or miss like this in this great nation of ours?  Are we asking for anything that is so ridiculous or far fetched that it cannot just be granted?  No, we most certainly are not. 


We don’t want half rights; we don’t want civil unions.  We want MARRIAGE, full, clear and legal.  Nothing in between.  We deserve to be treated equally and fairly, and justly. 


Today, after the ruling came down, I felt so tired, so sad and discouraged.  I just wanted to curl up and forget about all of it.  In other words, a part of me wanted to give up.


Then, I got rested.  I got boosted back up again.  And, I got my determination back.  I am ready.  I know what we deserve.  I know what I and my beloved deserve.  I know what I will settle for and what I won’t.  I know how capable I am to fight for what I believe in.


I believe in justice.  I believe in equality.  I believe in fairness.  I believe in peace. 


I BELIEVE IN LOVE………………………………………………………………






A day of Peace and Remembrance………

I am by no means, Un-American.  I have, at times, joked about being on a “black list” of sorts, in some aspect of the government, because I like to speak up about things.  However, I am anti-war.  I am pro-peace.  I cringe whenever someone that I know enlists in the military.  I fear for those parents whose children have gone off to war.  I dread seeing civilian casualties in the name of a cause. 


I am not, un-American. 



I remember when the war in Iraq first began; how many years ago was that?  It seems like forever ago.  Seven years ago, I remember hearing about a young person being in a shopping mall, with a tee shirt on with a peace sign, JUST a peace sign.  The person was basically harassed by mall security, and eventually taken into custody.  For wearing a peace sign, for believing in peace.



I believe that I have a pretty clear understanding of why the emotions run so deeply about this war.  I am not immune to those strong feelings.  I know that people believe in a cause, or believe in America for calling us to action no matter what the consequences.  I do have admiration for those that are willing to do whatever it takes for their country.  But, at the same time, I fiercely believe in peace, if that makes any sense.  I hate to see innocent young beings killed in the name of war.  I hate that some of those young people that are killed aren’t really sure they should be where they are.  Who’s lives have barely begun before they are lost.  That saddens me so deeply.


I have peace signs all over my car, I wear tee shirts frequently, yet have often thought that by showing that symbol openly I am appearing to not be supportive of the United States, of my country and those that defend it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I support our troops, especially when they return and need so much emotional support, even when they believe that they don’t.  We fly our American flag proudly on our home, not just today, but every day.  We pay respect to any soldiers or veterans that we come across.  Every day. 


However, I believe that being an advocate for peace, and supporting our troops and our country, CAN co-exist.  Just like so many issues that divide persons today, I know that this issue surely does.  But, aren’t we the UNITED states of America?  Let us find those things that unite us rather than divide us.  Let us work together instead of opposed.  I believe in peace, AND I am American.  And, that works for me……



In remembrance and peace, on this day and everyday……..

Our date at Home Depot

This is a love story.  Well, actually, it is two love stories.




The first of the love stories, is that I told my beloved over the weekend that I think that we should go on a date, just the two of us, very soon.  She and I don’t do that for ourselves very often, and it is always enjoyable to get out as two adults and enjoy each other’s company.  She readily agreed.  This is where the second love story comes in…………


She wants to go on a date to the Home Depot.



Yep, that is what I said.  She absolutely LOVES the Home Depot.


Now, for practical purposes, the Home Depot would be a good location to go out, just the two of us.  Hannah absolutely hates going there for more than five minutes.  A lot of walking and it gets boring for her after a while, just looking around a huge hardware store. 


I enjoy looking around there also, admiring all of those items for projects that we hope to do here someday; all of the gadgets and extras that I would enjoy having in our house.  The beautiful appliances and cabinetry.


But, for my beloved, it is love at first sight.   It is hard for her to resist any aisle, whether it be tools, or plants, or lumber.  She loves the sights, sounds, and smells.  She gets in there, and it is hard to get her out of there.  We can NEVER go in there for “just one thing, just what is on the list”.  It ain’t happening.  So, if we do go there for our date, our first one in probably a year, she will be in absolute heaven, and I will be wishing we were sitting over a cup of coffee somewhere. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her happy and contented in what she is doing, but I would rather have a date where we are a bit more engaged than shopping.  At the Home Depot.  I am not her first love when we are there, the wood is, or the trees, or power tools.


Talk about some stiff competition.  I think coffee would be better……….


Happy birthday, baby sister!





It inspires and amazes me that the more the time goes by, the closer that I feel to my sister.  I miss her almost every day.  I love and appreciate her energy.  I love to see her laugh until tears come to her eyes.  I recall her smallness, her frailty, when she was a baby and little girl, and now see how strong and resolved she is, probably due to that.


My sister turns forty one today.  I can hardly believe that the time has passed that quickly, that she is that age, a wife and a mom.  That is so inspiring and awesome to me.  She is like me as much as she is unlike me at times.  We are of opposing political views.  We disagree about some things.  But we are fiercely devoted to one another, and that really has no bounds.


I wish we lived closer.  When I called her this morning for her birthday, and sang into my cell phone to her voicemail, I got a lump in my throat.  I called back to let her know how glad I am to have her for my sister.  And, I was crying.


I love my sister so much.  Happy Birthday, my darling Vikki. 


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