Happy birthday, baby sister!





It inspires and amazes me that the more the time goes by, the closer that I feel to my sister.  I miss her almost every day.  I love and appreciate her energy.  I love to see her laugh until tears come to her eyes.  I recall her smallness, her frailty, when she was a baby and little girl, and now see how strong and resolved she is, probably due to that.


My sister turns forty one today.  I can hardly believe that the time has passed that quickly, that she is that age, a wife and a mom.  That is so inspiring and awesome to me.  She is like me as much as she is unlike me at times.  We are of opposing political views.  We disagree about some things.  But we are fiercely devoted to one another, and that really has no bounds.


I wish we lived closer.  When I called her this morning for her birthday, and sang into my cell phone to her voicemail, I got a lump in my throat.  I called back to let her know how glad I am to have her for my sister.  And, I was crying.


I love my sister so much.  Happy Birthday, my darling Vikki. 


PanOriginal 123



This song is for you, do you remember?



3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, baby sister!

  1. Happy Birthday to your sister. How lovely for you that you are close. I’ve made my peace with my own situation, but it gives me joy when other sisters have better relationships! Your post made me smile. Thanks! TD

  2. yay for sisters!

    i have a baby sister, too. and i love her so very dearly. in fact, i just spent the evening with her! she and her family are staying at my parents’ tonight and we all had supper together. i love it when we get to spend time together . . .

    i sing to my family over the phone on their birthdays, too. 🙂

  3. Tiny: Thanks for your thoughts on this; some family relationships take years to come to terms with, but she and I have maintained a closeness through all of the trials of life. I am truly blessed.

    elizabeth: How true, how true! I don’t get to see her nearly enough, especially now that she is a mom. But our bond is strong and true and no matter what, we are there for one another. And, the singing on birthdays, for both of our families, is just a given…….

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