Our date at Home Depot

This is a love story.  Well, actually, it is two love stories.




The first of the love stories, is that I told my beloved over the weekend that I think that we should go on a date, just the two of us, very soon.  She and I don’t do that for ourselves very often, and it is always enjoyable to get out as two adults and enjoy each other’s company.  She readily agreed.  This is where the second love story comes in…………


She wants to go on a date to the Home Depot.



Yep, that is what I said.  She absolutely LOVES the Home Depot.


Now, for practical purposes, the Home Depot would be a good location to go out, just the two of us.  Hannah absolutely hates going there for more than five minutes.  A lot of walking and it gets boring for her after a while, just looking around a huge hardware store. 


I enjoy looking around there also, admiring all of those items for projects that we hope to do here someday; all of the gadgets and extras that I would enjoy having in our house.  The beautiful appliances and cabinetry.


But, for my beloved, it is love at first sight.   It is hard for her to resist any aisle, whether it be tools, or plants, or lumber.  She loves the sights, sounds, and smells.  She gets in there, and it is hard to get her out of there.  We can NEVER go in there for “just one thing, just what is on the list”.  It ain’t happening.  So, if we do go there for our date, our first one in probably a year, she will be in absolute heaven, and I will be wishing we were sitting over a cup of coffee somewhere. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her happy and contented in what she is doing, but I would rather have a date where we are a bit more engaged than shopping.  At the Home Depot.  I am not her first love when we are there, the wood is, or the trees, or power tools.


Talk about some stiff competition.  I think coffee would be better……….



5 thoughts on “Our date at Home Depot

  1. do both!
    go to the depot and have fun. look at everything.
    look at the clock when you enter the store.
    look at the clock when you leave the store.
    don’t look at the clock while you are in the store.
    just have fun.
    then, go to a coffee shop and talk and sip coffee.
    same rules about the clock apply at the coffee shop.
    talk and have fun.
    enjoy your coffee.
    then, you’ll return home having both done one of your favorite things!

    what do you think?

  2. Elizabeth said everything I thought, and much better!
    If my love was willing to go to my favorite store and not watch the clock, I would be in heaven. Have a wonderful date.

    It came to me to suggest a book you might really enjoy. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Very supportive of relationships.

  3. Find a home store that has a coffee shop! Many garden centres over here do.
    I have to admit this made me smile as I love this sort of place too; love tools and nails and wood and so on. When I was a kid, I was my “dad’s lad” despite being a lass, and used to go with him on all those sorts of expeditions, as well as help him with the DIY at home. I don’t like using power tools still, though, which is probably a throw back to my mum twittering about them being dangerous.
    ROmance is where you make it. My husband proposed to me in the pouring rain at three o’clock in the morning, miles from anywhere, on his 20th birthday. Not classic romance but I did say yes, of course!

  4. elizabeth: I love that idea! Doing both in one evening is definitely a possibility. And, I like your thoughts about not looking at the clock; I am not usually a clock watcher anyway, and want to enjoy thoroughly any time that we have together. And, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Home Depot, she just loves it way TOO much!!!!! Thanks you!

    Tiny: A friend of mine has recommended that book to me in the past, but had kind of forgotten about it until you mentioned it here. I will have to check it out. We have such a tremendous relationship, we just have not readily taken adult time, away from our daughter, which we both know is very important to do.

    Viv: We don’t have any local to us that have both, but will do a combo of the two for sure. I love the proposal in the rain; what that says to me is that no matter what, where and how, he wanted you to be his for the rest of his life…… now THAT is romance!

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