I only need to stop and rest a little while…….

I feel like our daughter used to feel when she was smaller, and would walk and walk with us out shopping or playing, and would just need to sit and rest for a bit, while she gathered her energy back up. 


The Prop 8 decision came down today.  And, marriages already granted in California will stand as legal, but no further marriages will be granted there, and marriage in the state of California is between one man and one woman only from this point forward.  Seems a little bit confusing, doesn’t it?  I mean, I am so grateful that the marriages granted are standing.  But, no one else gets the chance? 


Why is it that the granting of civil rights to us as loving, committed couples has to be hit or miss like this in this great nation of ours?  Are we asking for anything that is so ridiculous or far fetched that it cannot just be granted?  No, we most certainly are not. 


We don’t want half rights; we don’t want civil unions.  We want MARRIAGE, full, clear and legal.  Nothing in between.  We deserve to be treated equally and fairly, and justly. 


Today, after the ruling came down, I felt so tired, so sad and discouraged.  I just wanted to curl up and forget about all of it.  In other words, a part of me wanted to give up.


Then, I got rested.  I got boosted back up again.  And, I got my determination back.  I am ready.  I know what we deserve.  I know what I and my beloved deserve.  I know what I will settle for and what I won’t.  I know how capable I am to fight for what I believe in.


I believe in justice.  I believe in equality.  I believe in fairness.  I believe in peace. 


I BELIEVE IN LOVE………………………………………………………………







9 thoughts on “I only need to stop and rest a little while…….

  1. I was so sad for the decision as well, but I know we’ll all continue the fight until everyone has equality in this country, and in this world.

  2. I agree. Beautifully written. Keep on keepin’ on! One day soon it will come. I am very surprised at California for going back on this decision.

  3. Tessa: Yep, you are right. It WILL happen; I WILL be refocused and energized to battle toward equality for another day. Life is good, we will have our civil rights, and our daughter WILL be at our wedding someday…….. thanks for your support!

  4. To be fair, more and more states are moving in that direction. (Iowa, can you believe it??) Have faith my friend. I firmly believe that as the older generation ages out, this injustice will be rectified.

  5. Hayden: believe me, I have been feeling the need to pinch myself in the last few months; almost like I am dreaming with all of the advancements with civil rights for us. Even in my home state, New Hampshire. I guess that is why this stings more than ever; we are on our way. Setbacks suck.

  6. I thought of you while listening to an NPR program the other day. A woman was speaking and she said the reason the term marriage was so important is that marriage is something we all understand. She said she loved being able to call her relationship a marriage. The term means something! Maybe we don’t know what a domestic partnership or civil union involves, but we know marriage. We know it is a commitment. It is legal, sometimes religious, it is “til death do us part.” It was the most eye opening thing I have heard on the subject. Cuz I knew exactly what she meant.

    I hope this woman shares her views with lots of media, gets lots of press. Her statements are the most compelling I have ever heard about the importance of calling one’s union a marriage! And they made me understand that importance in a way I hadn’t before. Everyone needs to understand that!

  7. I had to take a step back and have a little rest of my own before coming back to leave my comment because when I first read this I found myself getting so angry and frustrated at the fact that this decision is down to a few people who, in my view, are abusing their power!
    What I find even more frightening is that these people have not got a single valid argument to back up their decision. I think it is their own fear that is creating this and this is the part I really struggle to understand! How can anyone fear love?
    I can think of no other word than discrimination here! What will they ban next? Marriage between people who do not subscribe to their choice of religion? I was under the impression that The United States believed in “Liberty & Justice for ALL”

    I am ready to fight with you (I have already strapped on my helmet!) and I do believe in love.

    Love will always win!

  8. Tiny: I have spoken to people, including my partner, who see it from the opposite view; that because our society has a clearly defined meaning in their minds of marriage, for better AND for worse, that gay couples should call it something other than marriage, with the same benefits. I totally disagree; fair and equal should be fair and equal by marriage, PERIOD. Thanks for that; I LOVE NPR!!!

    J: I hear you. There are days I feel tired, and then frustrated at the need to continue on with this. Many days, it does feel like a fight, even though I am not actively FIGHTING persay, I try to be pretty peaceful in general; it keeps me grounded. JUSTICE is really what it is all about. Not to mention, how much I would just absolutely love to walk down an aisle for real. To marry my beloved. It is happening…… thanks for joining us in the battle!

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