The tortoise and the hare



Any one out there like the Moody Blues?  I mean, the 1970’s Moody Blues.  Days of Future Passed; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour; Nights in White Satin.  The classic stuff.


I used to listen to them so much as a youth, influenced by my older brother and sister and their music tastes.  And, luckily, they had excellent taste in music.  I have been listening to one of the classic CD’s lately, and the song “The tortoise and the Hare” is on it.  And, I have been compelled to listen to it over and over again.  Then, I kind of thought about how it is a theme in my life that I wanted to write about.


The first area that I find this recurring theme is in how I conduct my daily living.  When I feel pressured, and rushed, or not just going at a reasonable pace, I burn out quickly and get farther behind anyway.  I make more mistakes, I misjudge, and sometimes I even get hurt because I am not paying full attention.  Speed does not work in my favor here.  Being slow, steady, and vigilant always seems to serve the purpose.



Unless, that is, I am sprinting as my life event, in which case immediate, accurate speed would be on my side.  Luckily, I am not called upon to participate in such an activity very often.


Today, this theme continues to play out in my mind in the aspect of activism and justice.  I am thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I am thinking about Ghandi.  I am thinking about Rosa Parks and Caesare Chavez and all of those whom fought so hard for change, but it was years in the making.


I am an activist, but I have to be a patient activist, and I have to be a hopeful activist.  I need to be the tortoise, even when I want to be the hare.  I need to keep my eye on the goal, I need to work steadily toward that goal, I need to take my friends and supports with me, and never waver from what is most important; justice and liberty for all.


I believe that the  dissenters,  in terms of civil rights and justice for LGBT persons  and other oppressed people, those dissenters are the hares in this race for justice.  They want change in a hurry, maybe in a bigger hurry than us.  They can’t wait, because if they waste any time, people that aren’t sure about their views might just change their mind.  They need to act quickly, those dissenters of ours, because this country changes quickly, and if they lose sight of their goal and change is not immediate, they stand the risk of us getting the civil rights that we deserve.



So, we must continue to be the tortoise.  Focused.  Ready.  Steady.  Slow.  Patient.  Resilient.  Keeping our shells intact and ready for the hits. 

And hopeful.  Forever hopeful.  Change is coming. 


10 thoughts on “The tortoise and the hare

  1. The Moody Blues were my DH’s favorite band and I was lucky enough to see them in concert. You just keep on with your wonderful activism. What we started back then needs to keep on keeping on. So glad you’re out there slowly moving the (non-violent, social) revolution on!

  2. most often the best things are accomplished by the tortise . . .
    slow and steady.

    i know i do best when i take things slow and listen and think before i speak or act.

    when something didn’t go right for me, my dad used to always ask – did you think first?

    yeah – the tortise – that’s the best way.

  3. I’ve been fond of hares for a long time…But did you know that they try to race cars? I doun’t think it’s intentional, but if you come across a hare here on a country road, they will run ahead of the car rather than get off to one side and will only turn off if there is an opening to a field or a house. I’ve driven many miles at 8 miles an hour because a hare won’t get off the road and insists on loping along in front of my car!

  4. The right order I find is: Think, Feel, Do and only when things are done or said or ate with body AND mind together as a whole do I feel at peace.

  5. Tiny, you are so right about keeping on! I firmly believe a part of me was meant to have been an adult in the 60’s!!! It was definitely my era!

    elizabeth: Yes, I am learning as time goes by, to be better and better at fully thinking something through before I do. It really does help. It also helps me to stay present in the moment, which is so key to a happy life…….

    Viv: That is so bizarre, and I am sure frustrating as much as it is entertaining!!!!

    tess: Think, Feel, Do……that works for me; to be present with what I am doing at the time means that my tasks are never mindless, whether ones that could be good OR bad for me……

    Hayden: Yes, yes!!!! Change is coming, AND they are so terrific! I totally spaced on the name of that CD with this song on it; thanks for reminding me!!!

    tobeme: You are so right; sometimes, being the hare is the way to be……

  6. When I was a kid I used to watch the hares boxing in the spring time. As an adult I’ve been able to get within a few yards of them, without them bolting.
    I can only conclude they like me.
    The Romanitc poet Cowper had a pet hare which bit anyone else but him!

  7. Beautiful post! Change is coming. In fact, at the subtlest level, that is all we can really count on.

    Slow and steady wins the race….

  8. Molly: Welcome, and thank you so much for stopping by! I firmly believe that the change is upon us, the question is, are we ready? I know I AM!!!! Visit again when you can…… Peace, Vanessa

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