Supermassive black hole

We all get discouraged, don’t we?  There are times when it seems that life will not get better, that our circumstances cannot possibly improve, that no one seems to understand what we think, feel, or believe.  It can feel like we are in a black hole, unable to get out.


We all struggle, we all have hard times.  But hard times are not for forever, even when they feel like they are.  They are for this moment only.  They seem to last an eternity, when actually, they are a brief interlude in this thing that we call life.  They create bumps in our road, obstacles in our path, dark clouds in our skies.


But, they do not last forever, even when they feel like they do or that they will.


Have faith.  Be patient.  Pray.  Believe.  The sun will come out again.


You are loved, you love others, you are appreciated and embraced and coveted by someone, many people in this world.  You are a person of worth and value; your soul possesses great strength, determination, and love.  You are worthy.  You are deserving of greatness.


Pick yourself up.  Don’t lie there when you fall.  Get back up and try again. Even when we feel too tired to try again.  Keep going, one foot in front of the other.  Don’t despair, because life does turn around again.  Even when it feels like it doesn’t, or it won’t. 


Stay present in this moment, JUST this moment.  Life will get better for you.  Life can be a challenge or a joy, or sometimes, both at the same time.  But life is just a series of millions of moments.  So, this is just one of those moments in time.  In the next moment, your life could be changing into something you never dreamed.


Be strong.  Have faith.  Lean on others.  Love yourself.  See your own awesomeness.


Be.  Live.  Love.  Rejoice. 



15 thoughts on “Supermassive black hole

  1. a bit of sunshine for you ::

    could you email me your address and some specifics about your daughter, so i can make her “Maddie Top” next week? like how long you would like her top to be from the top of her shoulder to the hem of the shirt. and could you measure around her like you were taking a bust measurement? (at our house we’d say right under her ‘pepperonis’ *smile*) those two things would help me make it fit her well.

    sending some sunshine and smiles your way

  2. When I read this today, I truly felt like you were talking to me. Although I’m sure you have your own specific situation in mind, it sure spoke to what I’m going through in my life, at this moment. Wonderful. I needed those words today. 😀

  3. Actually, even if this sounds weird, Leah, I had no one in particular in mind, but knew that someone that would read it today would need to hear these very words. This is one of my favorite songs, and bands, but the words spoke to me as being a symbol of hopelessness and helplessness; I feel so full of hope, and light and love, that I wanted to let you know, and whoever else needs to hear it, that you are not alone.

    Keep the faith, my friend. I am sending you a big hug!!!!

  4. So true Vanessa!!!!! Thanks for that super positive reminder. You know, I seem to attract many readers who for some reason or another feel down and out most of the time. I have noticed that those who had traumatic events occur in childhood have a much harder time simply being content, let alone happy. So much so, that it really makes me sad and angry that so many adults continue to abuse and neglect children; for they may not realize that their mistreatment may very well be permanent. Anyway, I’m just rambling here…Perhaps I’ll do a post on said subject. Again, beautiful post and super reminder to pick ourselves up!

    PLL, C.

  5. Just what I needed today, thanks Vanessa.
    Been a tough week or two and it’s going to get tougher.
    Funny but I was hunting for a stone of mine(a totem stone with a spider on and while looking for it under and around the bed, i found instead a stone a dear friend sent me from her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebrations; it’s a grey stone with the word Encouragement carved into it. I’d forgotten I had it and I’m glad it was found because its what I need today. I did find my spider stone too.
    Got an interview for a new job next week; please offer prayer that i get it; second interview for this job will be Friday if I get through Wednesday.
    Much love to you and yours,

  6. Thanks Vanessa. It’s good to have reminders that things get better. I’m looking for a way out of what seems at times crushing financial woes. As a friend of mine often says, “this too will pass.” thanks.

  7. Molly: I am glad it helped!!!

    Viv: I am glad that you found both of your stones; I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers about the job prospects……keep the faith, my friend.

    Tiny: It will pass; the financial “passing” often seems like the most challenging one for me to accept, but it always does pass, especially when I worry less. Best to you!

  8. Duma: welcome to my blog home, thanks for visiting! The dark times are difficult to see the light, the hope that is lingering there somewhere, when we are deeply in that darkness. But, the light is there, believe…….

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