Rocking my purpose!

The more that I put myself into a situation of trepidation, of uncertainty, the more certain that I become.  I was asked on the spur of the moment to do something for work that meant travel, training, and putting myself out there, more than ever.  Again, fear, fear being at the center of what holds us back,  that keeps us from being truly authentic- FEAR.  Fear was part of my embarking on this work adventure, but I needed to not give it much attention. 


What a burden, a source of angst, a barrier to which there seems to be no escape for so many. 


I am not sure at what point in my life I made a conscious decision to rock my purpose.  It seems as if I have been rocking my purpose for some time, at least, that is what it looks like from my perspective today.  You see, I don’t know if my memory serves me well; I don’t know that I have ever questioned what I am doing here, why am I meant to do what I am doing in my life. 


Meaning?  I don’t ever remember thinking aas a child, that I must achieve a certain goal, or fulfill a certain aspiration in order to be truly happy.  I mean, I have had moments, hours, days of unhappiness, conflict, and deep sadness.  But, overall, I have had a truly, happy life so far.  And, not because only great, fortunate things have happened to me.  But, because I feel happy, inside, deeply within.  Soul love, soul bliss, soul happiness.  So, I have never thought that my main purpose in life was to have a certain career, create the right kind of family, or to live or work in a particular place. 


And, most recently in my awesome life, I have fully discovered my purpose, and am actively rocking it.


In a big way.


My purpose?  Spread love, spread joy, help others, teach, learn, love life as fully as I can.  Rocking my purpose means living life fully, and loving myself first and foremost, and then, sharing that awesomeness with others. 


My own awesomeness.  At first glance, at first thought, talking about my own awesomeness could sound so arrogant, so full of self.  At least, a first glance from those that don’t yet know me. 


If you know me, in 3D or cyber, you know that me declaring my own, absolute awesomeness is expressing the complete, soulful love that I have, for the self that I present to you.  For, only in fully being myself, my real self, my vulnerable, quirky, fascinating self, do I fully rock my purpose in life. 


For my purpose in life has nothing to do with the money I make, the status I achieve, or the property I acquire.  Rocking my purpose has everything to do with the true contents of my heart and soul.  The real deal.  The true me.


Declaring my absolute awesomeness, you see, IS rocking my purpose.




13 thoughts on “Rocking my purpose!

  1. I agree with doing so you will help others see theirs. We are all mirrors of one let the divine reflections begin with us!

    Love and light to you, my dear,


    Ps I loved, loved Adam!! I didn’t see him as gay, bi, straight, male, female, short, tall, etc. I saw him as an amazingly talented and gifted human being!! I can’t wait to buy his music. Second..I loved Allison. I saw her the amazingly talented and gifted human being!
    Salad would be my choice..cream soup is boring!

  2. Interesting post, fear does hold us back, certainly something I am thinking over at the moment, often I find myself held back by fear, prehapes stems from years ago, though I have kind of thrown myself in with the sharks at present….! Discovering oneself thats hard, and has occupied much of my life and still I dont think I am any further on than I was when I started! Or pehapes thats just fear that holds me back! lol. Your post leaves much for thought!

  3. Thank you all so much!

    Yeah, I really don’t know how to be any other way; rocking the purpose is certainly the way to go, and I don’t think that we can TRULY do so until we fall totally in love with who we are, and embrace the awesomeness that is ourselves.

    Duma: Facing fear is such a daunting task; yet the power of doing that is amazing!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  4. Hi,
    First time here–you are a breath of life elixir blowing through the corridors–
    Keep on rocking with your awesomeness as it is not every day that someone truly comprehends their purpose and when that day happens, every day is a celebration.

  5. Derick: Welcome! And, thank you for your visit! I will keep on rocking, believe me! I feel most alive and connected when I am totally doing what I am meant to do; connecting and sharing the love!!! I hope that you will come back soon! peace, Vanessa

  6. I can’t help feeling a pang of envy, here, as I have yet to find any real purpose that I could declare for my life with any degree of confidence at all.
    But that aside, I am very joyful for you that you have!

  7. Viv: I really think that it is just something that I had to be willing to listen to within myself; then, all of the rest fell into place. And, having the confidence to go forward, no matter what others think! Stay hopeful, my dear!

    elizabeth: No worries; I figured you have been busy; how is the garden? I hope you are well; happy 4th, and thank you for the link, yay for the kids!!

  8. a lesson i’ve learned from the journey i’ve been on this year;

    The God/Goddess resides in me. This means I am part of that entity, and because of balance, I am in it. Take it a step further, God is me, and I am God. It’s not arrogance to say so, it’s just how it is. The trick is now to live that path…so rock on 🙂

  9. Hey stranger!!!!

    I have missed your presence here, and am so glad that the journey for you has brought you such realizations……… learning to rock my purpose has become a way of life to me, even when it is most difficult. And, yes, it can sound like arrogance, but how ironic that it is so far from such a thing!

    I hope this means you are in a good place…. in your heart and soul. Be well and I will come over and visit your place soon!!!! V.

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