Fear and truth collide

I am a speaker of truth, no doubt.  That has been years in the making, mind you.  Speaking my mind with certainty and determination.  It is a muscle that needed strengthening over the years, but so far it has served me well. 


I ordered some bumper stickers on line to support gay marriage.  The literally say, “I love love.  I support gay marriage.”  Period.  For the words, “love love”, they have two hearts on them.  But, the second sentence is crystal clear, right down to the period, of what the message is on the sticker.  I ordered a bunch of them so that I could give one, or two, to whomever was willing to show their support, be it on a car, window, or anywhere to spread the message.


Now, I don’t usually shy away from putting a message out there, not in my recent lifetime anyway.  And, I have really gotten my chops in terms of advocating on behalf of LGBT equality and fairness.  Justice for all.  True knowledge and understanding about who we are.  So, when it came time for me to post mine on my car, I thought that I would be ready, willing, and able, no questions asked.


But, I was afraid. 


That was new to me, for the first time in a long time.  I think I get slightly nervous at times, when I am preparing to rock my purpose, or do something new, I get nervous about proceeding, but I walk through those nerves and end up having a terrific time.  This was different.  This was fear.


Truth and fear on a collision course. 


The truth part is the message on the sticker, for sure.  I was clearly and without ambiguity, stating for whomever read that message that I support gay marriage.  Period.  The fear came in thinking about who and under what circumstances that message would be read.  Driving on the highway.  Parked in our driveway.  When my parents come to visit.  In the parking lot at work, at Walmart, at the mall.  This issue can bring out the worst in people. 


Now, I do have a rainbow symbol on my car.  It is in the shape of a peace sign.  I also have a mega huge peace sign magnet on my car in tie dye colors.  Those also can elicit some pretty powerful responses.  But, gay marriage seems to up the ante a bit, I think. 


So, fear and truth collide, and for a moment, a few moments actually, I listened to the fear, named it, before I put that sticker on my car.  Then, I breathed through it, realized that when I bought that sticker, I knew what the potential repercussions might be, and yet believe that truth is more important than fear. 


So, I stuck it on.  And, the sky hasn’t fallen in.  No terrible repercussions.  I actually find myself wishing that someone at a red light might ask me for one, so I carry extras with me at all times.


When fear and truth collide, like my example here, which one of them rules will determine the outcome.  If fear rules, and we plague ourselves with what may happen, what could be, we become paralyzed to act.  We put off that which might make us most happy, that which would assist us in rocking our true purpose. 


When truth rules, it brings freedom, it brings the feeling for me of dancing in the street freely, singing and laughing and embracing the joy of life.  It means being who we are truly meant and destined to be.  Living out our full purpose and flying all of our colors. 


However, the two often collide, and those that oppress and violate actually rely on that collision, because it keeps those whom are oppressed stuck, frozen, feeling unable to act.  It is a powerful weapon to use.


I have had the people of Iran on my mind for that last two weeks, and that is where this post title came from originally.  When the elections occurred, with the results that seem that they must not be the true, just results, and people began to fill the streets in protest, I found myself quietly cheering for those citizens, for standing up for truth in an open, brave way.  Then, after the death of Neda, and the proclamation of  the authorities there to arrest, and to persecute those that show their protests, for a few days, protesters did not go into the streets.  My thoughts were that fear overwhelmed them, fear instilled by the government.


But, then what happened?  The streets became active once again.  I don’t know what the motivation was, but my belief is that those that wanted to speak the truth, and were afraid for a time, decided that nothing is worth denying the truth for.  NOTHING. 


So, those in Iran that are speaking up for truth and justice are heroes to me.  And, I know that when fear and truth continue to collide in my life, truth will always rule.  Even if fear has a foothold for a time.


Because, when we live a life in truth, we truly live.


6 thoughts on “Fear and truth collide

  1. My daughter has been struggling with a decision and I have been working to help her. I called a friend from church and she shared with me some really wise words: And be careful you do not allow fear or willfulness to influence your decision. Infinite love = infinite solutions.

    My last 2 weeks have been so interesting. Everything I do I ask, am I doing this out of fear or willfulness? And sometimes the answer is yes, which helps me see why things might not be turning out so well! My daughter still needs to make her decision, but at least I can gently remind her that fear is no reason to do or not do anything!

  2. Hi tiny! I have missed reading you; I will get over very soon…….

    I am so glad that you have a person in your life that can assist and guide you with words to assist in making your decisions, and then,you in turn can pass on that wisdom to your daughter. Fear comes so naturally to all of us; after all, fear is what gives us all the fight or flight response, which can keep us alive. However, for most of us, the majority of our daily decisions don’t have to do with literal, physical life and death, so allowing fear to rule those decisions doesn’t give us the opportunity to really enjoy the process, AND to make it based on the truth of our hearts.

    I wish you both peace and wisdom in this journey of your decisions in the present. I really have been transforming my thinking as much as possible as each decision creating an adventure!!!!

    Have a great holiday weekend. Vanessa

  3. Luckily, supporting gay marriage or being gay doesn’t incite the ugliness it used to. My heart will always feel deep sadness at what happened to Matthew Shepard. An act so heinous, it seems like it could have only been found deep in the annals of history and not during my lifetime.

    Speak the truth, but please be safe.

  4. I understand completely the nervousness that comes from rocking your purpose. Life would be so much easier if none of us shared our true opinions about stuff, but it wouldn’t be much fun either. I have that same nervousness when I post something controversial on my blog. I post it because I feel passionately about a topic, but I know that there could be backlash, I could lose some regulars, etc. But at the end of the day, as long as we are all true to ourselves, than we can hold our head’s high. I’m proud of you for rocking your purpose. It’s such an important one. 😀

  5. Congrats for facing the place where fear and truth collide, for keeping on rocking your purpose, for staying the course. It ain’t always easy, and I commend you.

    It is a muscle, this learning to speak the truth always, and I am doing push-ups!

  6. Hayden: Thanks girl. I will stay safe while standing in my truth. It is a tough balance sometimes, but so worth it.

    Leah: I know what you mean. Sometimes, it is the messenger that is the one that is attacked, rather than the message itself. People in general have a great deal of difficulty expressing an opinion without attacking one another. It is a true art. But, so necessary if we humans are not going to destroy each other. Thanks so much for your ongoing support. It is important, believe me!!!

    Molly: You are so right, it is not easy rocking this purpose. It is not easy to face fear and realize that it will pass; and that fear consuming us is never the true path to truth. And you are so right; it is a muscle that requires exercise and work, to make it stronger and stronger!!!! Thanks for the support!

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