Getting along with my life

Lenny Kravitz really knows how to get to the heart of the matter.  He sings truth and does it musically, but also is very effective at singing dual meanings.  This line is one such story, at least to an avid listener of him, like myself.


In the song, “I Wanna Go Home”, he sings “I wanna,  I wanna go home, I just want to get along with my life.”


As usual, it got me thinking…….


To get along with my life means two different things to me.  First meaning:  Get on with your life.  Live it here and now.  Don’t put your life off for anyone or anything.  If we choose not to get on with our lives, then we remain stuck in self doubt, resentment, regret… and we go nowhere.  I don’t even know if we take steps backwards, we just stay stuck.  And, I think when we stay stuck, the longer that we are stuck, the more frustrated, angry and resentful we become about many things, including those that ARE getting on with their lives.


The other meaning from this line that strikes me is literally, getting along with my life.  Like, we strive to get along with people in our lives, our coworkers, friends, spouses and neighbors.  Our lives are not intended to be source of contention for us.  We have to have a willingness to get along with our lives, to come to terms and peace with our lives.  That means that we accept our lives on our own terms, but it also means letting go of expectations and suppositions, and accepting what comes at us that we have no control over.  Having the wisdom to accept that which we cannot change, the courage to change those things that we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

When we have persons in our lives, or circumstances in our lives, that we might not feel totally okay about, sometimes it helps just to do our best to get along with those people or circumstances.  To make the best of them, or to bring out the best in those persons.  Get along as best as we can.


So, go out into your life, get on with it, and, get along with it as well.


Love ya, Lenny…………….



5 thoughts on “Getting along with my life

  1. Lately I have really *not* been getting along with my life. I’ve been getting along fine with the people in it- but the thing itself has been irritating me. (Living in Elkhart Co, IN, is troublesome right now. I never know if my FIL or husband will have work the next day, we go from feast to famine week to week)

    This is a good reminder to just let go, and live life as best as I can. Thank you for that! 🙂

  2. Lindsey: Since you have given me so much food for thought and inspiration over the last year or two, I am glad that it helped!!! I am sure that living day to day in terms of meeting your obligations is difficult, but it sure helps in not being stressed every waking, and even sleeping, moment. Do what you can in the right now, only, and get along with what life is offering you………….

    Sending hugs!!!!

  3. Excellent post!!! I soooo needed to read this today. Thanks as always for your wisdome and insight! OK, I’m off to get on and along. . . 🙂 PLL, C.

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