Bad things happen.

I was driving,  paying attention, extra vigilant due to my daughter being in the front seat with me.  It would have happened before I even realized it had.  A near collision, so close that I screamed out loud, and had to pull over the get myself together.


Oh, what could have been……. tragic.


The scene of the almost accident replayed itself in my mind all day.  What if?  What would happen afterward?  Would I be okay?  Would our daughter be okay?  What would life be like?


In an instant, so many things can occur, so much can change.


Bad things happen, to all of us.  To one degree or another.  Some of the bad things that happen are harder to recover from than others.  In this moment, right now, a bad thing could be occurring for you.


Remember the moment of it all.  This is just a moment in time.  And yes, there are bad things that happen that are several moments, one right after another.  Deaths.  Losses.  Failures.  Relationships. 




Without sounding without compassion, bad things do happen.  But, they are occurences that don’t define who we are, that don’t have to dictate what our life turns out to be.  I am so grateful to God, and thankful to the powers of the Universe, that in that moment, it was not my time to leave this earth, nor the time for healing for my family.  I am grateful for my quick thinking and the ability to have us be okay. 


When bad things happen to us, much of the time we continue day after day, believing that because this bad thing has happened, our lives are lost.  That there is no hope of light for things to ever get better.  Without taking away any of the pain or loss that others experience, I want to let you, and myself know, that THINGS DO GET BETTER.  Bad things happen.  We lose people and things.  But, life goes on, and goes back to center, we recover, we heal.


It may take much longer to heal at some times of our lives than others.  There may be some bad things that occur from which we can never envision feeling better.  Yet, our lives are never without hope, even when we feel hopeless.  We always have love and faith available to us, even when we feel unlovable or forgotten.  There is always a light that shines for us to walk toward, that will keep us going in the darkest of times.


So, when bad things happen, stay in the moments.  Feel your pain, walk through your loss, but hold onto faith, hold onto the knowing that things get better, life marches on, and that we always have it within our power to create something better for ourselves, whether we realize it or not. 


Embrace the moment, and grab your opportunity to make your life worthwhile.  You deserve it.


4 thoughts on “Bad things happen.

  1. I agree with everything you said in your blog. You and I think alike. I too have been through some very tough times and even though things seemed hopeless,they weren’t, because I had faith in God to get me through it. Life is not easy, but all I can say is, without faith and hope, I honestly don’t know how I’d survive, how I’d make through the tough times.

  2. Denise: Thank you so much for visiting; I hope you will again soon. I have come to know and to understand that no matter what happens to us, or in our lives, we always have the choice to embrace gratitude and the hope and faith for a better tomorrow. I am glad that this rang true for you…… peace, Vanessa

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