Energized by the mystery

A friend tells the story of her son.  He had finished college, and was at the part in his life of finding ajob in his chosen field.  His mother was expressing her worry for him in finding a position.  Her concern for him not yet having a job.


He told her, “I’m energized by the mystery”, of not yet knowing what he was destined to do.  And, he didn’t just state that; he declared it, peacefully and resolutely.


How many of us can say that on any given day, whether we anticipate our lives to have joy or doom right around the corner.  We often want to skip ahead in the book to see how it ends.  We often don’t want mystery, we want our lives spelled out so that there are no surprises.


However, we now fully that life doesn’t work that way.  Life is full of surprises.


Life is truly a mystery. 


I mean, if we really think about it, any given moment beyond the one that we are in right now is an unknown.  Life, in all its wonder, splendor, and frustration, may have in store for us events that were never part of our plans.


We can plot all that we like, set our course in the direction that we want, or think that we should go.  we can sign a contract or make a vow, or simply resign ourselves to the future of our lives as we want it to be.


Yet, it remains a mystery.  No matter what we may want, life finds a way of turning that on its head at times.  And, the thing of mysteries, is that we can resist them, try to predict them, or curse against them.




We can get energized, energized by all of the possibilities in that mystery.  Because, often, the unknown means that just about ANYTHING could happen.


Our dreams.  Our goals.  Our desires.


Now THAT to me, is living.


17 thoughts on “Energized by the mystery

  1. Living and accepting. Aren’t there a few idioms about humans making plans and deities making better plans or chuckling that we’ve made any at all? ^_^

    Pleasant surprises are always welcome, I think. It’s the unpleasant or unfamiliar ones that may give us pause, especially if we don’t know what to do next (or, we do know what we could do next but aren’t particularly thrilled about the options).

    I’m really glad I stumbled upon this post early in the morning.

  2. YES! Right now I am in a place where I don’t know what the next week holds… but I am learning to trust that God is guiding my life and I am energized by the excitement of seeing where I will end up!

    Great post!

  3. Welcome, sittingpugs! Love the name…… yes, we often think as mere mortals that we can put the universe on its head, when its plans are what overrides most always. yes, the unpleasant events/mysteries are difficult to manage, but all part of the total fabric……. thanks for visiting, and please, come again; I am glad you found me also! Peace, Vanessa

    Lindsey: Thanks you! And, am glad it helped a bit for where you are at; isn’t that what it is all about???? HUGS!!!!

  4. Life is a mystery. I had a massive and very welcome surprise turn of the “plot” on Tuesday. The boss who has been tormenting the life out of me and many of out staff was sacked on Monday evening. I’d gone in that day prepared to speak to our manager and say I was becoming ill with the stress of it all.

    1. Viv: I am glad for that for SO many reasons. One, the relief of the stress that it has been putting upon you. And, that you were ready to say, enough is enough, and powers intervened to assist. I hope that this indicates that you are ready for WHATEVER comes next…… best to you!!! V.

  5. I agree..THAT, is living!!

    You’ve heard me speak of my Grandmother that turned 102 in June. She is often asked her secret to living 102 years. One of the things on her list is that she is always excited about what’s ahead…even the unknown. She still is…she is already planning her 103rd party. 🙂
    So yes, the mystery of it all!
    Wise young man, your friend’s son!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and good energies today!


    1. Ah, yes, so your grandmother who is turning 103 has the key to it all; go forward, no matter what is coming next, and don’t forget to look forward to things either!!! I appreciate you sharing her presence in your life so much!!!

  6. I can’t remember my son ever saying he was energized by the mystery, but boy oh boy have you nailed what we have been going through in our house for the past year! I remember the time in my life when I knew something wonderful was ahead, I just didn’t know what. Time to find that place and live there again. I think my son has found the place and I think my daughter is finding her way there.

    Deep thoughts Vanessa. Thanks so much.

    1. The more often that I write here, Tiny, the more that it seems that the timeliness for what I write, and how those that read it are impacted by it, cannot be pure coincidence. I know that in this moment, what I write has a direct impact because it is the precise time that I am meant to write it, and those that I care about read it. It is all in its best meant moment.

      I have been carrying this idea for a writing for two months now; I guess today was the day!!!!

  7. That is exactly what makes life soo interesting. Its the ups and downs..its the questions for which in a particular time, you will never have answers to.

  8. I hope to live my life like that someday. I’m usually so busy worrying about what’s next for my life that I forget to enjoy the uncertainty and the excitement of the unknown. Great post. 😀

    1. Leah: If that is what you wish for yourself, than that is what you shall have, as long as you present that desire ever forward. I wasn’t always like this; it has been an evolution, for which I am grateful every single day!!!!

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