Notes to self

I have spoken about it here before, that I feel certain that change is coming into my life when I begin to fully visualize a major change.  When the dreams that I have drempt for so long are so clear in my mind as occurences, that I know that I am on the path to those dreams.  So it has been in the last few months for me as I go about my writing, and it becomes more and more apparent to me that it holds more importance than I have realized in years.


I see it so clearly; that I will have written a book, my first published work, and will want to travel around the country, and maybe even, parts of the world, to talk to people about it, one by one.  I will speak to them in small venues, like schools and bookstores, so that I can have the intimacy with an audience that I feel is the context of what I will be writing.  I will want to hear others’ stories, and share some of my own, and laugh and cry and hug those that need it.  I will never want it to cost a person more than they can afford for them to come see me, and may even use bartering for a local cause or charity to help others, as well as those that want to listen.


I know what I want the title to be.  I know what the subject or main theme will be.  I know that I have the will, the determination, and the stamina to do it.  What stands in my way?


Being organized.  Sure, I know what I want and need to do to make it happen, but often in my life, I have wanted to do so many different things, that I lose my focus.  I can’t stay on one task. 


So, this past weekend, I decided that I needed to begin to do just that.  So, my notes to self are:


Visit, and inquire about the opportunities there.  DONE.


Keep writing, as often and as frequently as you can.  Even when you feel tired, discouraged, or uninspired, writing seems to bring that all the energies back again.


Keep writing, but keep experiencing your life, moment by  moment.  In those moments are the actual inspirations for my writings.  Don’t miss a thing.


Breathe, relax, and remember that all will be well, no matter what.


Keep focused on what the main purpose is, which for me is twofold:  to help others with what I have to say, in any way that I can; and, to be philanthropic with a portion of the earnings that I make.


Ubuntu, you see.  That is as much a part of me as breathing.  It comes with the package.


Enjoy the process, have fun with it.  Don’t forget that this is a joyful activity, for if you do, and it becomes some type of rote task, it will all be for naught. 




PS  You rock, and this is your true purpose and calling.  Remember that, and remember that you can do anything, simply anything, that you set your mind to.  By the way, you are simply awesome.


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