Transforming a wall into a bridge

As I change my thinking about my life, my dreams, my goals, and what I want for myself and my family, I start to see the connections in all of the things that I do, and my deepest held beliefs.  I see how everything that I think, do, choose, and feel,  are all connected to one another.  That it is all part of the same intricate pattern that makes up the quilt that is my life.  As pieces, they all look unique and different, but when seen as a whole, they make sense.  They fit together.


As I envision more and more clearly my goal of writing and training as a career, as a life goal, I have been thinking about the deeper meaning behind why I want to do this.  Sure, it will be work, but what is it about that type of work, that type of use of my time, that I am drawn to?  What is it that I am seeking through these activities?  What am I hoping to accomplish by teaching, talking, and writing to others about various aspects of life?


Well, as with almost every type of work that I have desired to do in the past, I want to be able to help others.  To assist them with something that they need.  However, it seems like there is more to it for me with this life choice than that.  I don’t want to just help others; I want to teach others, as I learn about myself, how to help themselves.  How to find the light and strength within themselves to set out on their own paths, how to discover their own destiny.  To really live their lives, and learn to fall in love with themselves, and rock their own purpose. 


So, by rocking my purpose, by telling others about how awesomely I view myself, it can reflect to others and assist them in how they can best learn to love themselves. 

What I seek to do, is transform a wall into a bridge.  Take the materials that have blocked a person off from themselves, and others, and recycle those barriers into bridges of understanding.


I first thought of this concept a few weeks ago, as myself and our training team was talking about how to engage doctors in the process of mental health recovery, and the fact that it is about so much more than just psychiatric medication; that it is also about a person getting a life, and taking full and effective control of that life.  How, as trainers and champions, we needed to create an understanding with those doctors so that they might view it all a bit differently.


In other words, transform a wall into a bridge.


Sure, we could approach this project, or anything in life, from the perspective of “I’m right, you’re wrong”; we could make the other person bad, and ourselves good.  But, what that does, is destroys any possible relationship, or an already existent relationship.


Instead, approaching it from a place of mutual understanding, active listening, and the realization that change takes time, but is necessary; a true dialogue- that is when real change happens.


So, I don’t just want to help others; I don’t want to just throw information at them.


I want bigger than that……..


I want to change the world; it needs some redecorating. 


There are far too many walls, and not enough bridges.


I better get busy…………………………………………………


9 thoughts on “Transforming a wall into a bridge

  1. I love this Vanessa! I strongly believe in true communication… it has saved me on countless occasions. I think that the best thing that you can teach a person is how to love and respect themselves, because if you can’t do that you can’t give that back to anyone else. You must love yourself before you can love others.

    I admire the journey you have begun. I hope to follow a similar one. 🙂

  2. I am stunned at how reading this felt as if these were words/thoughts coming out of my head! I, for one, have far to many walls that needs to be turned into bridges.
    Thank you so very much for this.

    Bless you

  3. J: I have been wondering how you are doing, and have not been getting to blogs much recently to read. I am glad that this one speaks to you so clearly. It literally came to my head and heart out of the blue, as most of my writing ideas do; and I am always so encouraged when those that read here find inspiration and familiarity in it.

    Hugs!!! V.

  4. It goes without saying that I relate to this. Excellent writing!!

    I love the analogy of transforming a wall into a bridge..for some reason, seems my entire life has been doing such.
    I only recently realized that ’tis the “mud” that provides the material for my shovel at a time. 🙂

    I am all for your energies of change!
    May we continue on in our journeys..on our own paths alas, side by side.


    ~g-h (aka Susan)

  5. gypsy-heart: So true, so true. Mud when it hardens can make for a strong, solid foundation. I have come to realize that my daily task seems to be turning walls into bridges, by trying to create awareness and understanding where there are obstacles and ignorance; it is hard work, but always worth it.

    And yes, always our own paths, but always, side by side. I like that. Peace and hugs to you!!! V.

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