Bubble gum sunrise


Yesterday was my birthday.  Forty seven years ago on August 31, I arrived in this world.    And, just for the occasion, the Universe bestowed upon me for my enjoyment, a bubble gum sunrise, not unlike the photo above.


PINK.  My life is a series of shades of pink.  Whether I am celebrating a birthday with my loved ones; driving on my way to work; anticipating an event coming up…….. it always comes up pink.  I find myself standing at the sink, putting away dishes in the morning, and a smile comes across my face.

That is a pink moment as well.


Life is a series of shades of pink, my life at least.  This is because every moment, every minute, every single event in my life is purposeful and good.  Even the bad stuff.  Even the painful stuff.  Oh, how much insight and reflection and knowledge even those bad moments have brought to me.


On my anniversary of my birth, so many messages of love, kindness and generosity were bestowed upon me.   I felt such a strong bond of love and human connection that it almost overwhelmed me.  To know that I have touched that many lives,  persons that now want to share joy with me, is a gift, an amazing thing to witness.


I was right all along; we are all connected; we all need one another.  I was right all along that this life is, indeed, Ubuntu.


For, I am because you are.  And, oh, how grateful I am for that. 


13 thoughts on “Bubble gum sunrise

  1. Happy Birthday! I see we are both Virgos! (My big 30th is on Friday) No wonder I relate to so much of what you write. 😀 I hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Yes Leah, that does explain a great deal…….The day could not have been more perfect and ideal, or pink for that matter!!!!

    Hayden: Thank you woman! Yes, the sun was very cooperative, and it was just breathtaking!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Pink is such a lovely color. Someone once asked me what my shop was like. I don’t think they expected my answer — pink — but they got it! I get your pink too.

  4. Tiny: I love it!!!! I can just imagine what your shop is like now, and am even more excited to see it!!!! One day, my friend, one day……

    Cordie! thank you for your wishes; Ubuntu, indeed. THe embodiment of my very soul. Thanks my dear sister……V.

  5. Happy Bubble Gum Birthday from another Virgo! (does indeed explain a lot of similarities…) You are a true inspiration Vanessa! I hope I am just as insightful, grateful and beautiful as you 20 years from now, when i turn 47.

    Ubuntu (always makes me smile!)

  6. I wished you Happy Birthday on facebook, but I’ll wish you a belated one here too. I love your image and I love your words!

    Love, light, and laughter,


    Ps I am glad I did not close my facebook site..interesting place isn’t it? Another form of connections. 🙂

  7. DM: THank you; you are so right, it looks like the same photo! The one that I have posted here is from Oak Island, NC, when my brother and his family were there on vacation; they took this of one of the sunsets, and the colors of my sunrise were much the same!!!

    inwardsun: Thank you for the wishes, and best to you, fellow Virgo. I hope to continue to share and connect and give and receive love until my last breath. And, it really is all about Ubuntu. Vanessa

    gypsy: THank you for yet another wish; and for your ongoing support and love and good energy. I also am glad for Facebook, because it enhances connections in so many ways!!! Hugs, my friend!!! Vanessa

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