Dear Universe:


Thank you for this day.  The sun is shining, the air is cool, I am surrounded by the people and the creatures that I love.  I feel blessed, fortunate, cared for, and loved.  It is a gift to be here on this earth today.


I also want to thank you for so many other things.


Family, all forms of family in my life.  My family of origin, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and all of those that have come into that part of being.  I am forever blessed.


Family of my partner, her parents, her siblings and all of their children, and extended members.  To get to know them and connect over the past dozen years has been a joy.


To my family of choice, the love of my life, and our beautiful daughter, words cannot express fully what the contents of my heart are for them.  It is in and of itself, overwhelming and massive.


And, all of those that I consider as family that have come into my life and changed it in so many ways over the years.  To me, no matter of blood or circumstance, you are family to me.


But, there are so many other things to thank you for, my dear universe:


Thank you for the loses of my life, both up until today, and from this day forward.  Thank you for helping me to gain an understanding of the lessons that those losses are to bring me, whether they are losses of persons, possessions, wealth, or property.  Thank you for looking over me as I seek the answers I need to make it through.


Thank you for helping me find my own way, rather than having all laid out for me.  I am so happy when I realize what part I play in the scheme of this world, but am always grateful, even if not right away, that I was able to follow my own map and reach the destination through my own strengths, as well as the assistance of others on my path.


Thank you for when my heart grieves.  This is the hardest I believe to feel grateful for, yet in those moments of grief, I find such a purity of spirit and intention, and love so much deeper than I know at any other moments of my life.  For it is true, pure love that prevents grief from ever keeping us from those that we care about the most.

Dear universe, I know that I take the steps that I do from my own source of will, but I also know that you are always watching out, knowing what the outcome will be, yet patiently watching and waiting for me to sort through the lessons and find out on my own.  You have been so steady in watching me discover my own awesomeness, although you knew it all along better than anyone.


To the beloved Universe, forever thank you, for being, and for watching me BECOME. 


8 thoughts on “Dear Universe:

  1. Sunny and nice? Where are you lol? At my house it’s dumping rain and a long loud bout of thunder just erupted. You do have a great mentality about life though so kudos’s to you.

  2. Hey Willabe: Welcome to my blog and my world! I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and before this holiday weekend, we had more than our share of bad weather this summer; we are soaking up the sun here!!! Hope that you will visit again soon, as I will you as well!!! Peace, Vanessa

  3. Such truth we rarely speak of, but within, we always carry! I absolutely admire your honesty to speak your heart and encourage faith in our “awesomeness” and I know that I have just as much, as we are all a part of the same beeing. Ubuntu, my friend. xx

  4. inward: I don’t know how to NOT be honest; it is what keeps my life real, full and in perspective. And, it brings such pure contentment, truly!!!!

    Tiny: And I you, my dear. Thank you for such beautiful words……

  5. I am in full agreement with “Tiny Dancer”, thank you so much for this. It has inspired me to snap out of the mood I am in at the moment and spend some time in gratitude.

    With love

  6. J: I am so glad; isn’t it amazing how we can all inspire one another here in the blogging world? So many similarities among so many of us… is a wonder and joy to me.

    Hayden: JOY!!!! Yes, I have so much of that!

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