Several weeks ago, we rescued a beagle.  Our new addition, Alice, literally walked into our yard, and our lives, uninvited.  However, she made it very clear that she planned on staying.  We knew nothing about her, she had no tags, and the only person that we knew that had had any contact with her, was our friend, the dog rescuer, around the corner.  Alice had ended up at her kennel, just two days before, with no story of where she came from or who she had lived with.

It was all a mystery, at least for the time being.


What we told our rescuer friend that day, is that even though she did not know Alice’s story, we knew that Alice would tell us her story over time.  She would show us and bark to us and let us know where she had come from and what she had been through.  And, so she has.  Through various behaviors, reactions, temperaments, and her speed of learning, we have discovered a lot of her history, through her eyes, her language, and her perspective.


We all have stories, the stories of our lives.  We don’t have to sit down and be autobiographical about it, although that is for some, and with all good wishes to do so.  The stories of lives aren’t reserved just for those that take the time to write about those lives for others to read.  We all tell our stories, every day, in everything that we say, do, think, and believe. 


For me, I tell my story of my life in a variety of ways.  I tell my story through time with my family of origin, by their sharing of stories with me, and remembering my roots.  I tell my story by the way in which I raise our daughter, and the values that I instill in her.  I tell my story through my love, respect, and hope in man and womankind, in knowing that others deserve to be everything that they deserve to be.  I tell my story by being open, truthful and sincere about all my aspects of self.


And, I tell my story by finding more out about my own story every day, by looking within, seeking answers, and wanting to live in the light of truth, love, hope, and mutual understanding.


My story is no more important than yours, my co workers, or my child’s story.  It is one of the billions in this world.  But, it is my story alone, that is made up of me with so many others that I have met along the way, and even if I am not sure of the ending, I am sure enjoying creating every, juicy chapter that comes along. 


How do you tell the story of your life?  Is it fiction or nonfiction?  And, who you want to be the full author of that story? 


Think about it.


I dedicate this post to my blogging friend Tiny Dancer.  She has inspired the last couple of posts and I appreciate her perspective so much!!!!



12 thoughts on “Storytellers

  1. So will Alice live with you and yours now? She appeared for a 🙂

    I think my story is fiction and nonfiction…I am still sifting through it. I hope the author of my story will be the energy I find during meditation…my heart energy, not my mind. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your heart through your words…both are beautiful!

    Love and light to you and yours,


  2. Such an interest post. It’s something I’m definitely going to think about. I feel like through everything I say and do, the story of me is being told.

  3. gypsy-heart: Yes, she is permanently with us now, a part of our family and life. It is a true blessing……I like that, the story coming through heart energy rather than mind; indeed, the mind clouds it so much and takes away from our soul place…….. happy thoughts and warmth coming your way!!!!! V.

    Leah: Yes, and the story of your next family chapter coming soon, but all that comes between now and then is essential and real, whether you are aware of it or not; it is all part of what makes you, YOU…….

  4. Vanessa, you have become so dear to me since I discovered your blog. Thank you for the dedication, it means the world to me. There’s always more I can say, but I am just going to let your story be the main one here! Oh, and welcome Alice.

  5. I tell the story of my life, everyday. So much so that I don’t really call people or spend time on Facebok. (I mean, I already spent all of my energy somewhere else.)

    But one thing I love about story telling is that usually people are inspired to share their story, or part of their story, in response. People are so similar, with matching loves and ambitions, and that always makes me appreciate just how similar we really are.

  6. I have learned that even more deeply through blogging, seriously. This behavior that has now become a passion has amazed me in the power that it can have in connecting with others; I have “met” persons from all over the world, who somehow feel a kinship with my story, in relation to their own. I think that is the amazing part of the human condition; how similar our journeys are!!!!

  7. How do you tell the story of your life? Is it fiction or nonfiction? And, who you want to be the full author of that story?

    Through images. Through writing. Fiction and nonfiction. Face-to-face conversations.

    I was thinking along the lines of second question a couple of weeks ago. One of the interludes in Chuck Klosterman’s book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs asks whether or not you would rather watch a critically acclaimed documentary about your life or a loosely adapted piece of narrative fiction that the public loves. If I ever get a biopic, I’d want NFL Films to make it.

  8. sitting pugs: I am not sure what format; somedays, I think the drama and intensity of some of life moments could be viewed as good fiction!!!! Thanks for coming around…… Vanessa

  9. Hi Vanessa!

    How amazing, I was looking at a beagle pup the other day and telling a friend how much I liked that type of dog. And here I find you just befriended one!

    Just came by to say hi, drop a line and say I found time to do some real writing again! I’d be honoured if you’d drop by and take a look…

    Of course, I wish you all the courage to embrace those butterflies in your stomach re: speaking@NEM. I am convinced they are the bearers of more power to you – is this the beginning of the public career that will lead you to a seat next to Oprah? I have no idea, but I am praying you will find your voice to inspire the thousands at once in real life like you are doing here online, one soul at a time.

    That’s the way always (we had a storyteller,, at work last thursday to inspire us) – one soul speaking to one other soul. As if you need advice on how to inspire…

    Love you and diving into your post on Layers (ogres are like onions) next, looking forward to that!

    Big hug, Tink

  10. Tink: I am not sure where this aspiration to speak to large audiences will lead, but I will admit that I have had day dreams about sitting in a chair next to Oprah, and helping her to open up to herself, and hugging everyone in the audience. Cleansing, love, life, being…….

    Our stories are all so vast and diverse, yet, there is a common thread, like a quilt with different patches; even though we are all different in many ways, we are stitched together as one, as having more in common than not.

    And so, from across the world, two souls like ours meet and see the connection of humans, amazing, isn’t it???

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