“No dream is bigger than the dreamer…….”

I recently read this quote, and I cannot remember for the life of me where I read it. But, by goodness, is it ever true. I am fairly certain I have not always realized this to be true, but I know now how true it actually is.

For much of my adult life, heck, teen life as well, I took my dreams away from myself. At least, the really BIG ones. Sure, I finished high school, with fairly good grades. I was accepted to two good colleges, and attended one that gave me a fabulous education. I went on to earn a Master’s degree, get some great jobs, including a dream job at my alma mater, met the love of my life, and had our child.

So, I can’t say that my dreams in my life have not come true.

However, somewhere along the line, I decided that to dream too big wasn’t very realistic. That to focus on those larger than life dreams didn’t pay the rent, or take care of my baby in the middle of the night, or get me to work on time. After all, I had so much awesomeness going on in my life, what did I need bigger dreams for, anyway?

Fast forward, 2007. That seemed to be the onset of a new way of thinking for me and my life, and my bigger than life dreams. So much went on in my life in that year, so much heartbreak, and so much joy. In that year, among other lessons that I was forced to learn, I was able to start realizing that no matter what else was going on in my life, my dreams and desires were important.

Simply, because they were important to me.

My dreams, my larger than life dreams, you see, are not larger than my life. They are meant for me to go forward and to fulfill them. And, I am not the exception here. I may be unique, but I am not special when it comes to the realization of my dreams. We all have that capacity, even I would say, that RESPONSIBILITY to realize our big dreams.

And, to do that, to go after those dreams that we feel most drawn to, that speak to our souls so deeply, is not selfish. It does not mean we care only for ourselves and no one else. It shows that we indeed, love ourselves deeply enough to be happy, and to go toward those things that will bring that happiness and joy, to call to us so deeply within that we cannot quench the passion and energy which that dream stirs.

I have no idea what my biggest dreams are going to look like in detail; the parts that I do see, the glimpses that come to me at various times of the day, involve groups of people, ones that I have deep conversations with, that I am hugging, that I am shedding tears with. Ones that I tell that all will be okay; that show me pictures of their children and grandchildren. They are talking to me about my book, and about my call to others to pay it forward and take care of their fellow living beings.

That dream, and all that comes with it, is no bigger than I am, and that means, it is within my reach.

So is yours.


13 thoughts on ““No dream is bigger than the dreamer…….”

  1. I do the same thing. I dream big and then I realize maybe I’m not being realistic and I stop the dream.

    I am trying very hard not to do that anymore. Life is so short, and I plan on dreaming big and really trying to obtain those dreams. I think we all owe it to ourselves not to settle. 😀

  2. I am wrestling with this as well. One of my favorite lines from one of the songs the kids listen to is “the bliss between giving my all and giving up.” It is a delicate dance… one I am still working on. I definitely don’t want to settle.

  3. Neither do I, bridgeout. I know that I have done that in the past out of realism; in my more recent history, I have done it out of guilt of what my loved ones were not willing to pursue for themselves.

    For me, the key to really going forward with my dreaming has been in my newfound ability to visualize; that seems to be the key for me. Whatever I can see myself doing in my mind, creates a belief that I will actually do it……

    Thanks for visiting!!!!

  4. This has been an ongoing situation in my relationship with Jamie, Hayden, and we have talked it through. For a long time, I think she resented my pursuits, because she thought that we couldn’t both be pursuing our dreams and goals at the same time.

    However, I think it is always possible for everyone to get at least some of what they want right now. SO, now she works it too, and it is a beautiful blend.

  5. I can’t even remember when it was that I stopped having dreams. It must have been really long ago. I’ve often felt envious at how enthusiastic and excited people become talking about their dreams and desires.
    Having read this post, I keep racking my brains and I can’t find a single dream I could cherish. I feel rather empty.

  6. Shiona: Please, please do not lose heart!!!! Is is possible that you are living parts of your dreams? I know that I am, but there is certainly more to come!!!

    I think to discover what our dreams are, we need to go to the deepest part of our creative self, and let it run wild! Dreams aren’t always for having to be something that is realistic, remember…..

    Thinking of you……. Vanessa

    1. Vanessa, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. In fact, I consider myself happy and I’m grateful for what I have. Perhaps I do have my dreams, it’s just that I dare not dream… As you put it, I need to set my creative self free. I’m too overwhelmed by my inhibitions. I must think about this.
      Thank you for this topic and your post. I’ll be thinking of you too.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! We are very vulnarable when it comes to our dreams because, as you say, we think we do not deserve it all. We choose fear instead of love, because fear never lets us down, while as love we have learnt to be suspicious of…but have we really loved then? Have we not only been half way? Have we not only feared a little less? It seems we really have to jump and trust the universe to catch us, to choose love.

    Yes, we are the dreamer and what we visualize is real in that moment. Infact, studies have shown that the brain can not separate what we imagine with eyes closed and what we see with our eyes open!

    So I will take your reminder with me and visualize myself where I want to be, with whom and what and how. And I will make that painting mine to tell my grand children about the story behind hit, one day.

    Stay inspired/ inspirational

  8. shiona: 🙂

    inwardsun: You are so right in the level of vulnerability that is ever present with our dreams; fear is so safe, because it is reliable and we know what to expect from it.

    My friends have often thought that I must be a bit crazy, to go after love with such an abandon at times in my life. Love is one area that I have never had fear of, even when that love did not come to pass.

    Visualize, yes!!! that has helped me so much. And, I know it will be as I see it. ANd, what I see is hugging all that I have met here, one day, including you, for our souls are connected.

    Peace and love to you, Vanessa

    1. Beautiful! Made me smile! Give yourself a big hug today and know that the love and warmth you feel comes from every soul you touch, through your writing on this blog!

      The sun is shining, the air is chilly and the leaves are crisp here in Stockholm today. Have a beautiful day in the States!

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