YOU are are Unique and Universal……

Depending on the day of the week, I find that I feel more firmly connected to my unique nature, or to how much I am connected with others. More often than not recently, I find myself with a foot in both worlds at the same time.

I am acutely aware on most days of how unique I truly am. Most of the time, I feel sort of freakish in how unique that I am. I feel reminded by the world around on almost a daily basis of how different my thinking is from most of those around me. I am loving. I am trusting. I believe inherently in the good of all people. I believe in living my life openly and truthfully. I try to be a good person in all situations. I strive for justice. I care about animals, friends, family, and those around me. I think often about my dreams, goals and aspirations. I believe that I am awesome and want to rock my purpose and hug the whole world.

I am unique. And, so are you.

Yet, I am also universal. I am connected to all around me. When I hear the story of a person’s hardship, or triumph, or struggle against adversity, I am inspired, or overwhelmed, by it. I feel a strong bond and connection to the world around me, or to others around the world. Through this miracle of blogging, and for me, it is sort of a miracle, I have connected with other like minded persons who have been waiting to meet others that think in much the same way. I believe that if someone in another land is subject to war, or is hungry, or has no shelter, than that affects me also. I am connected deeply to the earth, to animals, to life of all kinds. I don’t like snakes much, but grieve for the ones that are killed on the road by my home. It is a life lost. I deeply appreciate the night sky, the stars that seem to float above me, that shine and sometimes, hide behind the clouds. I watch the moon in awe, and when it sits low in the sky I am enamoured. When the sun rises and sets, and the sky announces its arrival, it is magical and powerful all at once. I am a child of the earth and I rarely forget that fact.

There are so many moments of our lives, when we have to focus on what it is we need or want at the time, when our individual needs are the focus for us. Our unique nature is what captures our attention. However, that isn’t all there is to us, ever.

We are part of the fabric of life. We are forever connected to other people, places and things that may be far from where we are right now on the planet. For, even though we may be far from those persons, or those things or places, they are a part of us. Ubuntu: I am because you are.

I am. That is true. But, I also am because of you, in spite of you, with you in good and in bad.

We are all connected, our energies, our spirits, our souls. We carry an energy force within us that is ignited and kept alive by the universal energy that exists. We really are never alone.

I often think on the fact that I know definitively that I will meet my friends that I have met through blogging someday, live and in person. We will embrace; we will share that energy with one another that right now is only shared through the written word. We will have moments of joy and relief, knowing that we are not alone in this world.

Remember, always and in every moment that you are able, that you are unique, and universal, all in one.



15 thoughts on “YOU are are Unique and Universal……

  1. Thank you so much my friend; so true, yet so often not considered by so many, how integral their role is in this beautiful world, to embrace their uniqueness and their ultimate connection to others.

    Ubuntu, my friend!!!!! <3<3

  2. “That was beautifully written” was exactly what I was going to say after immediately read this post gypsy -heart! (laughs).

    So I´m not copying you. I´m originall! just late in my reply :-).

    So Beautifully written Vanessa. Thank you for sharing.


  3. I discovered Desederata, a wonderful bit of writing when I was in high school. It was used through out the yearbook the year I graduated. One of my favorite parts is “You are a child of the universe
    no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” What you have written reminds me so much of these lovely words. And if you haven’t read it, goggle it, you will love it!

    1. Tiny: I remember having a copy of that as well, for years, carrying it around in my poetry notebook. I have not read it in years, but will be looking for my copy of it and if not, I will google it!!!! I take that as a very high compliment, because I was also so powerfully inspired by those words!!!!

      I hope that you are well!!! V.

  4. I am because you are!
    Vanessa, this is simply the most wonderful post I have ever read and I relate to your every word.
    I too know that one day I will meet my friends in the blogging world. I daydream about it a lot and look forward to the embrace.

  5. Again, I can only reiterate what the Native Amercians say- “We are all related” and they don’t just mean humans. The web of life goes a long way and a tug on my thread will eventually tug on yours.
    thanks for that; great stuff!

    1. Thank you Andrea; and you are so right, even since I wrote this post I am even more connected and a part of my self, and my world….. I will definitely be over to read your post, thank you!!! Peace, Vanessa

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