Pushing the shopping cart

I love to do chores. The laundry. The grocery shopping. Cooking. I find joy in all of it. Just last week, as I was grocery shopping and during other various errands before I got home from work, I was pushing my grocery cart down the aisle, and felt this smile of joy come across my face.

For me, grocery shopping rocks.

That is because, it is one of the many tasks in life that are part of who I am and what I do. I try to make it my business to find joy in every task that I undertake. Even those that are basic, run of the mill tasks that we may find mundane or an annoyance, they are where the joy can be found. For, finding the joy in every task of our day is how we squeeze every bit of joy and life, out of this life that we live.

Sure, I admire those that travel the globe, that write novels, that are able to speak to people the world over. But, I am able to cook for my family, sit around the dinner table, feed my pets, walk my dog, and shop and run errands. And, that is joyful to me.

Some days I am tired. Some days, the thought of doing what needs to be done is daunting. But, I just put one foot in front of the other, step by step, when the energy escapes me. And sure enough, joy comes from it and to it.

At the end of the work day, when I anticipate going to the college 25 miles from my office to teach for a couple of hours, after staring at the computer all day, that can be exhausting just thinking about it. Yet, once I get in that classroom, and students start to get engaged and talking, I know where it is that I belong, and where the joy can be found.

We don’t need to be world travellers or explorers outside of our everyday environment to find the joy that is in our lives. That joy is there, all along.

Even while pushing the grocery cart.


8 thoughts on “Pushing the shopping cart

  1. Ken: Welcome! I would be glad to come check out your blog; for me, it has just been about writing from my heart, and loving it. I write when inspired, which is most every day, and I don’t force the flow. And, I swear by TAGS!!! They help people to find me…….

    Have fun with it, and I will be over the visit! Peace, Vanessa

  2. Absolutely wonderful example of finding the joy in anything we do! I need to think about that a little more today. I have let some of the joy drain out of the things that I do. I need to restore that!
    Thanks Vanessa!
    PS- thank you for your comment on my recent post. Hearing what you do with young people makes me think that you are a bridge builder for sure!

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