What’s your secret?

I was posting a status message on Facebook the other day; one of my most frequent ones, with a positive message that sets the tone of my day. A friend commented about my positivity, and asked “what’s your secret?”

No secret, really. No magic pill or powder or bullet. No guru that I have followed to find all of the answers. No religion that I have worshipped to get where I am. No diet. No exercise routine. No infomercial.

Just me, being me.

My secret is not my own; it is the key to fullness of life, loving attitude toward self and others, peace in your soul. Fulfillment of your dreams. It is in the grasp of every, single one of us. We just have to believe in the magic of ourselves.

One of the keys that have guided me on my journey is love and knowledge of self. I ask myself countless questions each day, about many things, people, and circumstances in my life. I don’t seek the answers from others, as much as I answer them myself, what my opinion or my perspective is. I ask myself the really tough questions, the ones that I don’t often want to tell the answers out loud to someone else, but are safely kept within my own being. I self evaluate in every circumstance: not to put myself down, but rather, to build myself up, by being better, stronger, and more loving in each moment that goes by.

Another key for me is understanding and compassion for others. I have always possessed this, however, it has been a double edged sword at times in my life. Having full compassion and giving to and for others, without regard for myself. It often left me feeling used, hurt and bitter at times. Now, I give freely, but I give what I have to give within, storing up my strength and self love, so that I can freely give without expectation. That is a hard lesson, indeed, and I am still learning, even at this very moment.

I also do my very best, each and every day, to live in the present moment. How difficult that is, raising a child, working a couple of jobs, fitting in fun, meeting expectations, spending time with families; the challenges to doing this are very real. However, the less that I chastize myself for the past, or worry about and anticipate the future, the better my present moment is. And, when the present moment is a particularly difficult one, I breathe my way through it, and everything turns out okay at some point.

I believe in justice; justice for myself, my family, my friends, and my loved ones. However, I also believe in justice that is bigger than me and my world. Justice for others; justice for those who live with war, poverty, and disease. Justice for those who are mistreated because of a category or grouping that they belong to. I believe in full and equal justice for all. Ubuntu, my friend.

Another key to living a positive, full life for me is visualizing my dreams. Every day, I spend a great deal of time thinking about, and planning for, the dreams of my life. My nighttime dreams bring me messages that help with this also, but I have come to find that my daydreams are more vivid, and more a direct message of what it is that I truly want and need in this world.

For each of us, the list of what is our own secret to a contented life could be similar to this, or totally different. The most important aspect of my world, the one that puts all of the rest together for me, is living life with a loving, open, truthful heart. It guides me well, it protects me, and it keeps me connected to others that are around me. There are so few persons in this world who live their lives fully open, truthful and loving. It feels dangerous, too risky.

For me, it is really the only way that I can be. And, I don’t hold exclusive rights to this. Uncover your secrets on how to live a happier life.

Then, start living it.

7 thoughts on “What’s your secret?

  1. I admire and envy you at the same time. But this post is also a great source of inspiration and motivation for me. It mean if one individual can reach this level of self love and wisdom, then so can I.
    Thank you very much for this revelation, Vanessa. You’ve given me something to strive for.

  2. Hello V. I so needed this today. I’ve been really down lately; but your words always inspire me to look into self and to pick myself up, as you say, one day at a time. Love, Cordie.

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