I thought the wind was shifting…….

Life is so interesting to me. INTERESTING is the best word that describes it for my perspective as of late. A couple of days ago, I was full of hope and promise at the prospect of an opportunity that would lead me closer to my dream of training full time.

But, life had something else in store. What seemed to be a golden opportunity turned out to not be the right opportunity for me at this time of my life. The details and the requirements for it turned out to not be right for me or my family at this moment.

The way that I thought about that twist of events at that time, is that the wind had shifted. No drama. No intense emotion. No extreme disappointment. Just a shift. In the wind.

Or so I thought……….

A couple of days later, not really giving it a second thought, knowing that everything happens for a reason. This morning, I thought about it again, that a shifting of the wind really didn’t accurately describe what I think happened here.

It was more like, the Universe told me that I had to follow a different path to get to where I am going.

You see, two days ago, when this job opportunity that seemed just perfect for me, turned out to not be the right opportunity for me at this time of my life, the first thought that occurred to me is that the wind had shifted. That there had been a slight variation in the elements.

Two days later, I don’t view it that way at all. Today, what it looks like, is not a shift in the wind. Rather, the Universe has gently whispered in my ear:

“Not this path, my child. There is a different path that you have to follow to guide you toward your dream.”

That fits. That makes perfect sense, in my head and in my soul.

Last night, I sat at this very keyboard, wanting to write about the shifting wind as I walked toward my dream. I was only able to write a couple of sentences, and then the flow of words stopped.

That wasn’t the way it really was for me within.

Tonight, I ponder on the notion that I am now to walk a different path, still toward the same dream, but the scenery is different, the terrain is a bit more advanced, it is the way that I am meant to walk.

And, all is well.


7 thoughts on “I thought the wind was shifting…….

  1. Love your words, and that you listened to the whispers from the universe!
    I am looking forward to following along on your heart path..however and wherever it leads you!



  2. hey vanessa,

    i haven’t stopped by in a while. i’m sorry.
    i also owe you a package. this week, i have 3 packages to put together and mail. I AM GOING TO DO IT! so. there you have it. i haven’t forgotten. and i’m sorry.

    and i am wishing you the best as you move on to the next portion of your path – whichever way the wind may be blowing.


  3. It’s good you can view it in this way; too often when we see things take a different direction to the one we feel we were promised(fill in by whom or by what) we rail against it and refuse to accept it.
    The journey is as important as the destination and the scenic route produces better memories and tales for the telling than the motorway(freeway). Youcan stop to picnic too.

  4. elizabeth: No worries; thanks for coming by. I hadn’t been able to get over to your place in quite awhile either; life is so busy at times!!!!! Actually, ALL the time it seems…….

    I knew you didn’t forget about the package; I truly trust you wouldn’t forget about us at all. Whenever you are able works for us…… I hope you and yours are well, and warm. Vanessa

  5. Oh, honey, HAVE I BEEN THERE OR WHAT. It’s…rough. At least I find it rough. I would like the “it” to be a little easier, you know? Even now, I am only 85% sure I’m on the right “it”.


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