The National Equality March


Tomorrow is the day……………………

I feel that it is going to be big, strong, powerful, intense, energizing, motivating.

I feel like the events of tomorrow are going to be so big, and have such a major impact on my life, that I can hardly comprehend it.

I am buzzing with anticipation.

Tomorrow, I will be gathered with thousands of people from all over the country, to march for and to insist on full, equal, civil rights. It is our time. Enough is enough. Partial rights are not equal rights.

I read an article today by John Shelby Spong, about the church’s position on slavery a couple of hundred years ago. For many, many years, the belief system among many in America that those that had been slaves should be grateful for their freedom, but why should they have a voice in government? Why should they be treated as equals?

Because, by many, slaves were viewed as subhuman, not worthy of equal rights.

We are not subhuman. We are not a perversion. We do not deserve to be despised because of who we are, not what we do.

We march tomorrow, in the sun and on the streets of Washington, D.C., for full equal rights.

For justice.

Please, pray and send your love and good energy toward all of us. I will be carrying you all with me……..


6 thoughts on “The National Equality March

  1. Hi Vanessa! It was great going to the march with everyone. I will need until next Saturday to edit the video and post it to YouTube. I am posting some of the pictures I took to my Flickr account.

    My YouTube and Flickr user names is PoconoPCDoctor.

    I hope to continue my support of equal rights for the GLBGT community. All the best!

  2. Hayden: It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Deeps: I will be writing about it for weeks, months, years…….major life changing event for me.

    Leah: It was so terrific; thank you for your support!!!!!

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