Earthdance Peace Watch

I just found this today on my friend cordieb‘s blog; I just loved it!!! For now, I cannot figure out how to have it in my sidebar, instead of as a post, but it marks the time that all who read it can meditate in the name of peace, all around the world, at the same time. I just think that totally rocks.

And, it can be shared, so feel free!!!!

[clearspring_widget title=”Earthdance Peace Watch Widget 200×400″ wid=”4a84544a131f15f0″ pid=”4ad9dd4bd968a47f” width=”220″ height=”430″ domain=””]


4 thoughts on “Earthdance Peace Watch

  1. Dear Vanessa, I have seen you around and have visited here before… you have such a beautiful energy. The visions you share are so pure and full of light, I hope you know what a wonderful presence you are… Love and light

  2. enreal: Yes, I remember; thank you for stopping by today. Your warm words feel so good to me, and I am so glad that what I feel in my heart, and then, put to the page, inspires and touches others. I believe that is my purpose. Peace to you, love and light, Vanessa

  3. Deeps: I think that the point of it is that when the countdown is zero, or both hour and minute hand are on the purple dot, then everyone around the world is to meditate for peace at the same time…..something like that anyway!

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