Be the change!

me and marching

I am changed

I am the change

I welcome the change

I need the change

Change is good

Change is life

Change works

Change only works

if we do SOMETHING

Be the change

in thought and word

but also

in deed


be the change

Have a conversation

write a letter

make a visit

carry a sign

educate a person


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Writer. Building my Presence. Becoming aware of Being, and of my Oneness with Life. I Am Life. I Am. πŸ™πŸ»

8 thoughts on “Be the change!”

  1. “LIVE YOUR TRUTH” …great words and great photo.
    You are an amazingly strong..and sweet soul!

    Good energies to you,


    Ps for some reason part of your post above this one is hidden by your side bar on the right.:(

  2. gypsy-heart: Thank you my friend! words to truly live by; live my truth and live it by signing my name to it. That is the only way it counts for me.

    I checked the problem with the side bar, and it seems to be okay, just goes right up to it. Have a great day, my friend!!!!! HUGS!!! Vanessa

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