Write where you are

Yesterday, I had a strong desire to write. And write. And write. Yet, I was at my desk at work, sneaking time here and there on Facebook, ideas swirling around in my head, hankering for my desk at home and trusty laptop. So, on Facebook, through my status for the day, I sought advice.

The best advice that I got was from a former college mate, Kate, who suggested “write where you are”. So simple. Yet, so telling for me.

It has become almost second nature for me to truly be where I am. Enjoy the moment. Face the challenge of the setting, or situation, and tackle it one moment at a time. But, in having the desire to write, and to not be where I was at the time, I wasn’t staying present. I wasn’t in the moment. Instead, I was wishing it away, wanting something else besides what I had before me.

So, when I read Kate’s sage advice to “write where you are”, I interpreted it in two, very dramatic ways.

First, simply write at the location that you are currently at. Don’t let the fact that you are not at home keep you from what doing what you are being called to do. And, for those types of needs, I carry with me at all times a journal notebook that my girls gave me for my birthday this summer, for that very reason. So, when I am inspired by an idea to write about, I have it handy to jot down for later. So, I truly could write where I was at the time.

Second, her words reminded me to be PRESENT. To stay right where I was at that moment. To make the best of it and take what I could from it. That rang so true with me when I read it yesterday. I guess I must have needed to hear it, or read it, or remember it again. Although I try to be ever present, much of the time, I fall short often. Consumed by what I feel like I need to do. I am getting better at it, but the reminder is never lost on me, because it is always well timed to when I most need to hear it.

I can see what I want and need coming to fruition, in each moment that I allow myself to be present and take in what the Universe is currently offering up to me. I know that what lies in this very moment is preparing me for what comes next.

So, from now on, I will certainly do my best, to write, where ever I am. Be still. Be present.


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Writer. Building my Presence. Becoming aware of Being, and of my Oneness with Life. I Am Life. I Am. 🙏🏻

4 thoughts on “Write where you are”

  1. Vanessa,
    What your friend said also has me thinking. And I remember this one time in particular that I wrote – and was completely present in that moment. I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was nearly a year ago. Everything flowed so well, and I completely let myself “be” in that moment…and write. Now…if I can just focus on that a bit more…

    I love the message!!

  2. Lance: I know, isn’t the message terrific? It was stated so simply by her on my Facebook page, but it stuck with me all day and the next……it was more telling than I think even she realized.

    There are evenings when I am tired, from looking at a computer screen all day, and when I sit down to write, I at first feel so tired I don’t think I have it in me.

    Then, the magic happens…..the words flow, the thoughts race, and I am at home and at peace. It is amazing, isn’t it? Have a terrific weekend!!! Vanessa

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