The love affair with my life

I am involved in a passionate, flaming, love affair. It is intense, it is vital, it is amazing and real.

It is a love affair with my life. My entire life.

I love the ordinary moments. Waking up and making coffee. Getting our daughter ready for school. Walking the dogs. Washing the dishes. Even the most ordinary moments have magic, because as I complete those tasks, I am so vitally aware of how present I am. In this time of hustle and bustle, of time being in short supply and tasks being many, I still make an effort to be ever present, in that moment. And, when I do that, I find myself smiling, giggling, so contented to just be.

I love watching my dreams come true, as surreal as it seems at times. I get downright giddy about the fact that I no longer talk about whether or not my dreams will come true, but rather, WHEN they will come true. It is inevitable. I am strong, capable, confident, and awesome. I want to bring that to the world in all forms, with all of the dreams that are never too big to dream.

I get almost breathless when I think long about the love of my life, even when I think of her for only a moment. Her laugh, her smile, the beauty of her hands, her wisdom, her creativity, her devotion. It inspires me, it fires me up, it keeps me so blessed and contented that we are going to travel this wild journey of life together.

I have to fight back tears much of the time at the intensity with which I feel love for our beautiful gift of a daughter. To watch her grow into a young woman, to be inspired by her energy, creativity, and drive, and to see how compassionate and loving she is, is just magical. I absolutely adore her.

I feel resolute when faced with a challenge that I did not anticipate. Firm in my conviction, I will not be moved by anything in what I need to do. I am devoted to every task, even those that are the most challenging, the most mysterious, the most fear producing.

Fear is a funny thing when it comes to love. I think that in the past, nothing could terrify me more than the prospect of gaining, or losing, love in some shape or form in my life. Love is risk. Love is challenge. Love is truth. Talk about scary.

I love my life, without restriction and without measure. However, even fear doesn’t hold me back, even for a moment. I still feel afraid at times, but I feel it and let it go. I know that no matter what, all will be well, I will be guided, or guide myself. I will persevere. I will love and be loved and cherish and appreciate and relish each and every morsel that life feeds me.

Or rather, that I feed myself.

I am completely in love with my life. Til death do us part.


13 thoughts on “The love affair with my life

  1. You say you used to be scared of love. How did you manage to change that? It is because you found your soul mate, the perfect match for you? Did it happen on its own or did you work on it purposefully?
    The reason I am asking is that I seem to be scared of life.

  2. Shiona: I have intentionally, purposefully, walked head on into my fears when I feel them; in regard to love, career, dreams and goals. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work out. The rules that guide me the most in walking through the fear is knowing: I can only control myself; I am terrific as I am; I can bring about my own dreams and destiny; and I can NEVER, EVER again, place the value of myself based on how others may or may not view me.

    You can do this thing; courage is not the absence of fear, but rather, walking through fear as you feel it.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa. The mere fact that there are people like you is inspiring and encouraging.
      May you never cease to enjoy the passionate love affair with your life.

  3. This was such a beautiful post because it is written with courage. The courage to speak from a higher vision of humanity, the place where pure Love, without judgement or guilt, connects with the Universe and sets all things free.

    Love starts and ends within ourselves. The circle is completed when you smile and that smile, reflects in the eyes of the Lover that is Yourself.

    Thank you for speaking from the heart!

  4. Inward: Yes, love is truth, truth is love, with these all things are possible, probable, and real. It is the only way that I can now communicate, although I have been afraid in the past. Now, when I fear, I walk through it, and know that no matter what happens, I am living authentically. Nothing is more beautiful than that.

    Happy New Year my friend!!!!

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