How were you taught?

Oh, the memories that capture me on this day. Growing up in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, all those years ago, Christmas was a magical time. I recall many beautiful, precious moments with my family, but Christmas was extra special. Going out a couple of weeks before Christmas to find just the right tree, usually a blue spruce. Keeping it cold on the porch until it got to be time to put it up.

Christmas Eve. Listening to Christmas carols, putting up and decorating the tree, munching on our favorite nibbles and snacks, and singing and laughing and being together. Putting presents for one another under the tree, and then going to bed to await the magic of Santa’s arrival that night.

Oh, the morning!!! Stockings full of treats, more presents under the tree than the night before, and laying next to it, whispering with my siblings, while we waited in the dark with our tree lit for our parents to awaken. It never took them too long; they didn’t want to wait either, I imagine.

We were taught, from a very early age, that family is of utmost importance. That giving feels as good, if not better, as receiving. That counting your blessings is always the best way to be, that appreciating what you are given is a gift.

That love can heal all things. That it can be expressed and told to one another and that it can make all of the difference.

That surprises are not just for children, but rather, for the child in every one of us.

That Christmas is an opportunity to come together in joy and love, and fellowship, but that it doesn’t have to only come in December; it can come all year round.

To all of my friends, my family, and those I have known, and yet to meet, blessings abound for you and yours. Have a happy holiday season, and remember to give gratitude to what you have been given, and the gifts that you have yet to receive.



11 thoughts on “How were you taught?

  1. Joy: Thank you; and am so glad that it brought you some cheer!!!! My holiday was amazing, and the great thing is, it isn’t even over yet!!!!

    Viv: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well my friend!!! Enjoy, enjoy!

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