The journey of my lifetime

I have begun on this journey of life before, this adventure toward self-exploration. This one, however, feels different, evolved, much more intensive than ever before. It is the journey that I always thought I was on, but not really. It has always been the path that I was aspiring to be on, but never really got there. This, my friends, is DEEP stuff.

I anticipate that I will learn so many new, and not new, things about myself. This coaching that I am now receiving has just begun, as has my journey toward realizing what I am really all about. To go back to basics. To look at all areas of my life, closely. To examine choices made and time spent and see how I really want to live a life of integrity, of purpose, of true meaning. At the top of the list, for them and for me? Love. Truth. Those two areas of development both describe me and will further define me as to who I am evolving into.

Love. A natural descriptor for me, as seen by others and by myself. Love is the root; the beginning, middle and ending. It fires my soul and guides my behavior. It shines through my eyes and levitates my steps. Love colors my world in ways that matter the most. Love permeates my very being, and I feel like I eat, breathe, and exist in its revery. Love is, and is me in one of its truest forms.

Truth. Truth is a core belief that is important to me, but also one that I have been challenged to convey at times. No more time for that nonsense. In order to live a life of the highest order, one that I can take pride, and full joy in, must be one based only in truth. Truth to myself, to others, to my life. True to all that is important to me, in order to validate that which I call my own. I must acquire what I have in my life through truth, or it really does not belong to me, in my mind. What I think, believe, do, and feel, must all be based in truth. Telling the truth is not so hard to do, even to myself. After all, it is just me. Truth just means that I am allowing myself to see the real story, and in many cases, truth can bring about release from the past untruths that have held me captive.

I now know, that only through full, honest truth, and shimmering love, can I truly be who I am meant to be. The person that has been waiting inside of myself all along.


4 thoughts on “The journey of my lifetime

  1. Great post! I agree with you. I realize more and more each day that love and truth is what it comes down to. I believe God is the source of both love and truth, and God really is the only One there with us in the beginning and the end, we are all alone otherwise…so it only makes sense while living life to keep this in mind in all we do and are-so we do not get caught up in material things, and in relationships or people’s words or actions…they can hurt and give us lessons, but if we know truth-if we are mindful in all we do that God is always there loving us and providing answers-I found this is the key to less suffering and more joy.

  2. Tessa: Now, you have me thinking that I think that explains, as I continue to define myself more clearly each day, why I also feel a deepening during that process of my spiritual nature, my spiritual needs, and how I define that for myself. That is something that just clicked as I read your comment. And, I know that I am definitely in the market for as much joy as I can take!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful post.. and, while I don’t know you… I feel proud of you. It sure sounds like you’re on to something… I am trying to move in a parallel direction… and, look forward to reading more from you about your journey and self-discovery. =)

  4. Samantha: WOW, you don’t know me and yet can say that; that means a great deal to me. I am so looking forward to the journey myself! I will make sure to share it all along with my readers here……

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