The In-betweens……..

Melody Beattie, in the affirmation book that I read for today, talks about the in between times as being a sort of void. That got me thinking today, because I am definitely at an in-between time of my life. And, I have to say, I am loving it.

I am in-between careers, at least that is how I envision it. I am still in the job that I don’t really love, but am willing to do for a longer period of time, until I can actively begin in the next stage of my life’s work. I am in-between the stages of my spiritual development; I have walked away from our church, gratefully so, and am sitting in the in-between until I figure out what comes next. I am in-between the clutter of my space and my mind and the freeing of space by purging, clearing, and letting go of things, feelings and perspectives.

The biggest in-between that I am currently in is the area of self awareness. This is by far the strongest case for the in-betweens that there is. For me, anyway.

In-between……..what does that mean for me, actually? My in-between area right now looks like this:

I got to this point in my life, thinking that there was so much that I had figured out, worked out, resolved in my life. And, that is true. However, I moved into in-between land when I realized, while working through some of my life areas through coaching, that I have so much more to sort through. For every part of it that I have already come to peace with, there are other factors that I hadn’t looked at, or had really removed myself from in terms of the impact on me. Talk about a wake up call!

So, this in-between time for me is time of deeper reflection. It in no way negates what I have already done for myself, or take away from the work within that has already been accomplished. However, I am ready to go deeper, and really explore that which I had left behind me because I really didn’t know the origin of it all.

In-between, to me, is not a void for me. It is not scary, or dark or ominous. It is indeed, exhilarating. I feel completely energized at what is to come next. Sure, where I have come from is really a testament to my ability to persevere and strive toward knowing of myself, but I am so looking forward to what is coming next. Fear exists only to push me forward, and educate me on that which I need to face with even more energy. I know that whatever is in store for me down this path from the land of in-between, can only bring further definition of me, more self-fulfillment, and certainly, more total bliss.

In-between rocks.


5 thoughts on “The In-betweens……..

  1. Vanessa this is simply a mind blowing post that resonates with every single part of me. I have read it over and over and I realise that I am in in-between land in many areas of my life but more importantly that being in in-between land is ok. It is a place to take stock and reflect on lessons learned and to get some sort of clarity on where to go next.
    As I have mentioned before, your writing really inspires and reading this is a perfect example of this…Thank you.

  2. J: From the in-between land that I am in, I am opening up to the realization that writing from where I am is indeed, the most powerful. I have always written about what I think, feel, and believe about myself and the world, but now, it feels different somehow; like I am truly telling MY story.

    I like it…….. 😀

  3. And I absolutely LOVE IT!! You expressed it so well I can only agree with every word you say. The in-betweens are times to reflect, regain strenght and courage to continue…because we always continue! So even thought the in-between may sound like a passive time it is when all things start to happen!

    Remember dear Vanessa; “there is no road, the road is made by walking…”

    Big smile!

  4. Yes, indeed, we forge the path by the steps that we take…..

    I have to say, I am gaining a whole new thought process through coaching right now; I am understanding even more precisely how important the in betweens truly are; we need them, for all parts of our journey……

    Glad that you are a fellow fan!!!! Somehow, I knew you were!

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