Life is worth capturing!

To my friend, J. Thank you for inspiring this post.

I thoroughly love the movie, “Elizabethtown”. There are many aspects to the movie, which is about a young man whose father dies suddenly, and he goes back to his father’s hometown to make the arrangements. It is about so many other things in addition to that, but there is one part of it that struck me the many times that I have watched it. There is a character who is a stewardess, who befriends this young man ad he is travelling to his father’s hometown. She is quirky, and energetic, and full of love for life.

There is this thing that she does, when she wants to capture a moment in her daily life; she holds her hands up, like she is holding a camera, and clicks a shot. Capturing life as it is happening.

I like to think that I do this on a daily basis, as many times a day as I possibly can. Sometimes, I capture those moments on film, or digitally, to recall later on through prints or sharing on the web. Sometimes I share those photos with others to recollect them to those that I love.

Other times, I hold my two hands up, as if I am taking a photo, and click the shutter to capture the moment. I actually make that clicking sound at those times as well, to imprint upon my memory whatever is happening at the time. Talk about love and truth in action!

Sometimes, this active participation in capturing the moments of my life help me to remember to stay focused on the right here and right now. To be ever present. To just BE.

Those moments are varied in their content; some are happy, joyful and full of positivity. Other ones of them are dramatic, full of angst, sadness or pressure. All of them are worth capturing. All of them.

So J, thank you for your wise words on this day, intended or not. For Life, indeed, is worth capturing, every day, all of the time.

So, make sure that you have your camera, real or created, with you at all times……..

7 thoughts on “Life is worth capturing!

  1. just saw your facebook status about this post! isn’t it amazing how quickly news travels in cyberspace? 🙂 I have not seen the movie (yet) but already do this very thing quite a bit- literally- I carry my camera around and do take pictures of memorable moments…then come home and put them in my annual journal- its a journal with keepsakes from each year…including pictures, personal correspondence and a whole lot more). take care- dm

  2. Vanessa, I don’t really know what to say other than I feel so privileged and grateful that our paths have crossed. This is indeed a moment worth capturing. Thank You. Can you hear the clicking sound??

  3. DM: Yes, isn’t it amazing how word travels???? I try to remember to carry my camera with me often, my manual one versus my digital, because I love the act of adjusting the lens!!! I love your year journals; I think that is a terrific way to catalog those moments that we most want to recollect. What a legacy. Have a terrific day, my friend. 🙂

    J: I am grateful as well, truly. I hear the click very clearly; yes, it is being captured as we speak.

    There is inspiration in so many of my moments of life to write on; however, they need to come in the right and space and time for me to truly “hear” them. And, I was ready for this one. Thanks for sharing of yourself with me. Hugs!!! V.

  4. Hi Vanessa. Thanks for this post “Life is Worth Capturing.” This puts into words what I am trying to do over at Through a Jungian Lens. I agree with you about J’s latest post. Like DM, I usually take my camera everywhere. But for those moments that happen when I am without camera, I know that an inner camera has captured the moment.

  5. Robert: Thank you for visiting! I feel so deeply the truth that lies in this post, and am so aware, more every day, of how important it is to capture those moments, small and big, to assist with our journey.

    I hope to see you here again soon!!!! Peace, Vanessa

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