BOLD, with action.

I woke early this morning thinking about our church, thinking about organized churches in general. For many weeks of Sundays before the ones of 2010, I would awaken early to get ready for church, and to go there and hear the word, and feel it, and to possess the hope that one day, our congregation would openly and lovingly embrace and welcome LGBT persons. For the Methodist churches, that is a movement that is called Reconciling Ministries. Methodist churches actively educating themselves on the needs and struggles of LGBT persons; how those persons have been actively excluded and alienated from their churches; and, take action in inviting and openly welcoming those persons into their congregations. Bold, yes. But so necessary.

So, I wondered what it was about this process that seemed to not be possible in our congregation. I don’t think it was out of a lack of wanting it to be; for there were some congregation members who seemed willing, albeit very few, actively willing to go forward.

I don’t see lack of courage as an issue; for there were many times, in speaking to the congregation about this very issue, when I myself was filled with dread and fear; so in my mind, courage isn’t required.

So this morning, this quote came barrelling into my awareness, and it says it so well for me:

“You cannot be shy when facing injustice; you must be BOLD, bold with action.”

This quote which I thought of this morning, perfectly states the dilemma of churches I believe. The shyness that many of us humans have, including myself, about speaking up for what is right, for what we want, simply in speaking up for ourselves.

You see, I am the author of my life; I always have been, but now, I am actively writing the story. And, these are a few of the non-negotiables of which I am certain:

I MUST speak up for what is right. I cannot feel shy or self-conscious about it, for when I do, I give up to the injustice that is occurring. This applies to everything I have stood for so far in my life, whether it be children’s issues, LGBT issues, or the rights of animals. I need to clearly speak for justice.

I CAN be afraid. It is almost like walking forward, intentionally into my life, calls for a certain amount of fear. Fear keeps me balanced in a way; it keeps me clear in my purpose, because it helps to weed out my impulsivity and my actual goals, in a way. I have the capability of feeling courageous, but sometimes that is lagging a bit behind. I often begin when I am presenting a training on LGBT identity, by telling my audience that when I come out to someone, I always feel as if I am jumping off of a cliff; exilerated, but scared as hell.

In addition, being bold about injustice will always be important to me, however, speaking up for what I truly want, standing in my truth, will always be just as important. I must also not be shy about speaking up for what I want; I must be bold, with action. At times, speaking up for what I truly want, for what my truth really is, seems self centered and wrong. However, as I explore more and more about myself, my life, and my purpose here, I know that to do less than that is the wrong thing. I must speak up, and, I must also DO if I want to author the life I truly want for myself.

So, my friends, I advise you to do the same; to truly live the life that you are meant to live; to tap into what is your integrity; to not be shy, but to always be bold, with action.

6 thoughts on “BOLD, with action.

  1. So true! I like that quote. I am very shy at first or in a crowd, but when it comes to what I believe is right and wrong I will speak up. Especially, if it is for someone else who cannot speak up for themselves or needs to be defended. It is great to hear from people like you who speak up for others on a daily basis-the world needs more like you.

  2. Tessa: I think you are doing your fair share of speaking up as well, so no worries!!!! It is so hard to speak the truth to others, let alone, realize that truth in ourselves. But it is essential for true human connection; otherwise, it is all a lie. We need to speak the truth, even when, or ESPECIALLY when, it makes us uncomfortable to think about it. That is when it is most needed.

    Thank you again for visiting……. Vanessa

  3. Vanessa,

    I see a thread running through your posts regarding faith.

    You seem to accept the the magnificent picture of Jesus that scripture portrays, but you reject the part that says we are to humble and submit ourselves to the authority of God. ie. “I am the author of my life.”

    You mentioned that you stand up for what is right but you disregards God’ authority here as well and assume that YOU have the authority to determine what that is. If that is true, than everyone else’s standards are just as valid as yours.

    It seems your God is looking back at you in the mirror, sometimes mine does too, so I am in the same boat.

  4. Jim: Make no mistake; I am a believer in God; I proudly call myself a believer in Christ and his teachings; however, I also believe that I am the author of my own life. God may be the one who will determine what my ultimate purpose on this earth is, but it is up to me and me alone to author that. I can make my main purpose painful to get to, or joyful. I cut my own path, yet find meaning and understanding in each step. So, I know that I am being watched over, and sometimes, I think I even believe that my steps are guided (still not sure on that); however, I know that I make the decisions. It is up to me to live a contented or miserable life.

    I also firmly believe that even though I cannot stand in judgment of others, I know right and wrong; I know justice and injustice. So, I am not disregarding God’s authority; I am a doer of justice, not sitting by during my time here on earth to say “I cannot judge or speak up”. I won’t do that. I won’t condemn others for their beliefs; however, I will proudly stand up for mine and for the rights of others.

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