Introducing my daughter, the writer.

This is my daughter, Hannah. Good student. Dancer. Delightful daughter. Singer.

And, writer.

She is an exceptional writer, if I do say so myself. She is writing books, she has written stories and poetry, and she also, like her moms before her, has a blog.

I am giving her a shout out here, so she can grow her blog hits a bit, and expand her readership. She is a HUGE Twilight series fan, and writes a great deal about that.

You can get to Hannah’s blog here.

She is also a photographer, and this photo won a contest two years ago in one of the communities local to us:

So go, read, ENJOY!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Introducing my daughter, the writer.

  1. As a mama of a writer, i know the kind of pride you have. Writing is such a wonderful skill. I will check out her blog!

    My girl graduates college on Monday with her degree in writing. I hope someday her publishes her poems, they are so beautiful they make me laugh and cry!

  2. Thanks Tiny! Yeah, she is so cool in her inspiration and her creativity; it just completely blows us away!!!! Congrats on your girl grad; how exciting! I hope that you are well!!! Hugs, V.

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