I am brilliance!

For the last few days, I have been feeling stuck. Stuck in the rut of change. I have been very focused on making more positive choices, staying present, and having more acute awareness of my thoughts and actions with those around me. I have been doing my coaching work, and fully enjoying what awareness and information that is bringing to me, about me. However, I have also been doing a great deal of perseverating on my love relationship: will it change with me, will it persevere, what do I really want, what do both of us want. On and on…….. so much so that I wasn’t able to really focus on being present and enjoying it. The worry about it became a distraction that took me away from my life.

Last night, while sitting in on a coaching group call with Handel Group, and my coach, Kate, I heard some words that went off like an alarm bell in my head: Brilliance! Being! I realized that as I focus on keeping my promises to myself and others; doing the things that I believe are the right thing to do; focusing on all that I have to change and evolve in order to keep growing; I was forgetting just to be BRILLIANT! I was forgetting to let my light shine; to be the light that I want others to emulate. I was forgetting to bask in that and be what it is that I want to manifest. I got so lost in tasks that I forgot, simply to be. Be who I truly want to be.

So, last night, I wrote an “I AM” statement, and it goes something like this:

I am bright and full of light; it radiates from me, and shines upon all of those whom I meet!
Brilliance is my open heart, radiating toward all of those in my path! Light, love, brilliance- I can manifest and create this in all areas of my life!
I am a burst of light,
A burst of love,
kicking open the doors
on my heart.

As I wrote this, I felt my heart opening up. I realized that while I was doing, even though my goal is to have a more open heart, the more that I did, working toward helping this relationship to work, I would shut my heart each time I felt defeated, or that it wasn’t working. What I now understand, and will continue to keep as my focus, is that I need to BE the brilliance; and although I have no idea where that brilliance will lead us, I know where it will lead me. To pure, open, and brilliant love.

I am basking in it this very moment………


2 thoughts on “I am brilliance!

  1. I love this!!!! The energy, your energy! You are too brilliant to behold… I can’t handle all this light and love which you are … Thank you for shining on me today. I needed this!

    Shine On!!!!

  2. YAY!!! I am so glad!!! I am finding that the more self exploration that I do, the deeper and more loving I can be and shine! And, I am ALWAYS willing to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad that you needed it right now, and it was here for you!!!

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