Being breathed.

I do a rather intense workout at least six mornings a week. I have been inspired by it, fired up by it, and it has kicked my butt literally into shape. It is called Intensati, and the creator is Patricia Moreno. It is a combination of yoga, cardio, and martial arts, with meditation and affirmations while you do the physical moves. It is a combination that is ringing true with all that I am experiencing and finding out about myself at this point in my life.

At the end of the workout, I always do the cooldown. Toward the end of the cooldown, I lie down on my mat, and am encouraged to get present to the miracle of being breathed. Not having to do anything, but be present to what is being done for me, BREATH. Although I have to say I have never truly thought of breath as something other than having enough, or not, it really brings me an acute awareness of my presence here.

Being breathed. The fact that in this moment, I am writing, thinking, moving. Yet, my breath is being done for me, that is the miracle of it all. I am so grateful to be getting so present to my life, at least once a day, to the miracle of the breath, the miracle of life, and that I am glad to give gratitude for all of it. The gifts, the struggles, the magic and the heartache. The miracles given to me feel so much more magical and special through the lens of gratitude.

I really have found nothing quite as powerful as breath, as a way to get truly present in this very moment. When I focus only on my breath in, breath out, just allowing it to be, I have to be right here with it to truly embrace the power of that miracle.

Truly amazing.

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