Keys to the kingdom!

I have not believed in my ability to dream my dreams, let alone have them, in so long. I think that the last time I really believed in my dreams, was when I first was readying for college. Then, everything seemed possible. I would get my degree, get work in my field, and live in my own place. I would have my own car, travel home to see my family, and one day, have a family of my own. DREAMS!

And, then, as I started to have these initial adult dreams become a reality: graduation from college, apartments as an adult, cars, and partners and a family- I stopped dreaming. I stopped believing that there could be more. That I WANTED more. I was satisfied, satisfied with the beauty of my current life. And, it wasn’t that it wasn’t great, it just wasn’t, isn’t, EVERYTHING. I forgot about the other dreams that were also still calling to me from deep within.

My dream of being a published author.
My dream of travelling all over the world to meet my readers.
My dream to have great physical health and a rocking body.
My dream to have enough money available to me that I wouldn’t have to pinch every penny.
My dream of an open,deep relationship with my family.
My dream of being fully out, loud and proud as a lesbian.

I forgot about all of them, at least for a time. I thought it was too complicated, too much work, too much time, not enough resources, not enough support.

What I am fully realizing now, is that all along, I have been holding the keys to the kingdom. I have been the one in charge of how soon I would realize that these dreams are still meant to be fulfilled. That no dream that I dream is too big, or out of reach. That as long as I can dream it, as long as I have the desire in my mind and my heart, I can make it happen.

There are no more excuses. No more reasons that I could site that are why I am not going after that which I dream of most. No one’s responsibility but my own.

I can stop knocking; the keys to the kingdom are in my hand.

In yours, too.


6 thoughts on “Keys to the kingdom!

  1. Hi Vanessa,
    From the bottom of my heart I wish you to reach all your goals and make your dreams come true. And b y the determination and will you reveal in your posts, I am sure you will succeed.
    Good luck to you and thank you for instilling faith and determination in your readers to follow their own dreams.

  2. Shiona:

    Thank you for your loving words. Part of my life’s purpose, beyond making all of my own dreams a reality, is to instill that faith and reality in all of the humans in the world that I encounter. My mission and my work. It feels amazing!!!! V.

  3. REALLY! And if I remember right, I found you thru Glinda or was it the other way around? I was looking for images of her and came upon your blog? Or you saw her on mine and commented? I’m awfully glad she brought us together. There is no place like home!

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