The triangle pose

I have spent much of my life losing and regaining weight. From the time that I was nine years old, I have pretty much seen myself as some variation of fat. From that point on, I was constantly at least 20-30 pounds above a healthy weight.

So, we would join a weight loss group, my mom and I. We would use the food scale at home to weigh out our portions. We would go to the weekly meetings and weigh ins. One organization that was particularly disconcerting was TOPS, Taking Off Pounds Sensibly; you had to get on the scale backwards, and then the leader would announce to the entire group whether you had lost weight, or gained, and how much. It was total humiliation. I think I was twelve or thirteen.

The last few years, I have been much more consistent about what I eat, how much I eat, and since the birth of our daughter, have consistently lost weight, except for one lapse of a gain of twenty pounds. However, six months ago, when I first began my coaching work, I really stepped it up a couple of notches. I got truly honest about what I was eating, so that my weight would not fluctuate as much, and I stepped up my exercise more.

I started this workout called Intensati, the instructor and creator is Patricia Moreno. I will not deny that I am seriously crushing on her. In addition, however, I find her completely inspiring and energetic. Her workouts are a combination of cardio, yoga and meditation. It is the perfect combination for me, and my body has gotten firm, tone, and beautiful in the last few months, in part because of the nature of that workout and my diligence to it.

At the end of the workout we do yoga stretches (and when I say WE, I mean Patricia and myself in my living room as I watch her on the DVD. I am hoping to work with her live later this month in NYC!). My favorite stretch pose is the Triangle Pose. The pose of “infinite potential” as she calls it. And you know what? IT IS. As I stretch both of my arms out to the side, making them strong and powerful, I feel my heart opening up. I feel vulnerable, and powerful at the same time. As I bend to the side, my body feels so strong and able, more than ever in my life. And, as I stretch my arm over my head, reaching, I feel that there is desire there, a yearning for what is coming next in my life. Dreams. Opportunity. Joy. Adventure.

The combination of this body work, and the work of my mind and heart in my coaching, is nothing short of transformative. I am recreating my life, I am embracing, enjoying and loving it. I am stretching my mind and my body at the same time, and they are in perfect harmony with one another.

Life is good.


2 thoughts on “The triangle pose

  1. Hi there Vanessa! I haven’t commented in a long time. I stopped by from time to time but I had a very, VERY busy Summer and work came my way, which was a good thing but left me with less time… but now I thought I’d tell you that I’m glad you’re feeling so good, relaxed, strong and YOURSELF!!! YAY! Enjoy the weekend!!!

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