The magic is within!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. We have all of the movies on DVD, and besides the first one, have seen them all in the theatre. As a family, we have enjoyed watching the films over and over again, and getting wrapped up in the drama of the story, as well as the magic that is described and shown. It got me thinking about the magic that is afoot in my own life these days.

Every day in my recent history, I am keenly aware of the magic that is present in my life. I am surrounded by it, and it shows itself in my closest relationships, my workplace, my exercise and meditation time, and my writing. Magic is literally everywhere, and where is lands appears to be shiny, sparkly and bright. It is nothing short of spectacular.

The magic in my life is what got me thinking about Harry Potter, and the Patronus charm. If you are unfamiliar with the Patronus charm, that is a charm in the movies that Harry uses to protect himself, and those that he loves. It is not magic that occurs simply by using his wand, and the proper words. The Patronus charm is different; it only works to its fullest potential if the user of the charm truly believes in it. The worker of the magic has to feel its power from within him or herself, and think of the most pleasant, happy and loving memory that they can conjure up in their mind. Only then, will the charm work to its fullest potential.

And, therein lies the answer for me about true magic in my life.

You see, I always believed that the magic that occurred in my life, or the magic that I wished for at least, would occur from some outside source. If my partner loved me more; if I made this much money; if I had that other job, then all would be well in my life and it would be perfectly contented.

Just like Dorothy in Oz, and just like Harry Potter and his friends, the magic does not lie outside of ourselves, but within.

And, the more that I realize that, the more that I really think about it, I am amazed and inspired by how powerful that internal magic is. When I realize my own power more and more, my own ability to design my own brilliant life, without waiting for someone else to make magic for me, that is truly amazing. Inspiring. Awe producing.

So, I am conjuring up my own Patronus charm, and using all of the magic within my power to create a brilliant life.

Stay tuned………..


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