The air in between the letting go and the landing

My life is sustaining many major changes and shifts right now. The nature of my relationships; my future career options; my health and body, all are shifting, growing and accelerating closer to my dream states of each of them. It is exciting, and a bit scary, all at the same time.

I think about these shifts and changes daily; some days, it feels like a gentle breeze blowing through, and other days it feels like gale force winds tossing me about. Today, the breezes were easy going, however, the thoughts in my head were related to feeling like I am plop in the middle of the in between.

The air that sits between the letting go and the landing in a new spot.

It doesn’t feel like SPACE in between, really. SPACE would give it an empty feel. It seems like air, because the whole time, I am taking in and letting out breath. I am designing and creating and authoring my life every step of the way. And, the in betweens are not areas that I have previously enjoyed being in. As a matter of fact, I have done everything within my power in days past to not have any in between time. If I know an ending is coming, I must have the next beginning lined up. Neat and no lines in between. One continuous track.

I have never actively chosen to be in between, after letting go, and long before the next landing is happening. There is so much work that has to happen in between. And, in moments like this morning, I feel awe and surprise at my lack of panic about it. There is a hint of fear, however, I won’t even give that but the slightest amount of time. What I feel is peace, surprise, and awe. Awe that I am shifting my thinking, and my heart, and actively living my life in a different way.

And the air, the air here, between letting go and landing, is sweet and fresh. I could get used to this….. for now.


2 thoughts on “The air in between the letting go and the landing

  1. The air between letting go and landing…WOW! This make so much sense! I love it! It gives me a feeling of faith, of trusting the path…and the fact that new thought patterns and new routines need to be created, and years of habits take time to change, but that’s ok…if we can enjoy the IN BETWEEN, it might even turn into a great journey!!! 🙂 Like launching an airplane! 😉

    Enjoy the view Vanessa!!!

  2. Hi honey:

    Yep, when I thought it, on the way to work in my car, it was the most appropriate way to describe it for how I was feeling that morning. You are so right; to get comfortable there can be an adventure, and we can be learning so much!!! Love, Vanessa xxoo

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