A change in the atmosphere

I was always fascinated by weather as a child. I remember that in fourth grade, we had a Science fair. I did a project on how road salt kills plants. I drew a gigantic weather map also, just like the one that weather reporters used in the past, with lines and dots. The changes and adjustments in weather patterns often frightened me, but also always fascinated me.

I am currently seeing how my life seems to appear like a weather pattern, except, that I am designing the new pattern.

There is definitely a shift, a change in the atmosphere of my life. My life is not a swirling whirlwind that I am in the midst of; I am designing every raindrop and every sunbeam that I encounter. However, the air feels lighter, warmer at times. When it is cooler, I am able to wrap myself up in my favorite fleece jacket to be cozy. I can bask in the glow of the sun amidst changing leaves and a crispness in the air. I am fully and excitedly in charge of the changes.

Through the beauty of transparency, confessing, and telling the truth always, I am creating the most beautiful weather pattern of my life. My relationships are cleaner, more honest, and the communication that is now occurring between myself and those that I love is so clear! I am truly amazed at what telling the truth is doing for my life.

I have absolutely been convinced, for many years now, that to be totally honest with those that I love the most, to tell them about what has previously lived in my head, and not been spoken, would upset them so deeply that our relationship would be damaged beyond repair. I truly believed that if I told the honest truth that I was thinking, that they other person would trust me less, not more.

How wrong I have been!!

Now, I understand and appreciate how transparency is changing the whole atmosphere of my life. Not to say that the words that are spoken are always easy; they are often difficult to say. However, I am finding it now so much easier to say them, plainly and clearly, than to say one thing, and think another. That has never set right within me, and now, a calm new weather pattern is being designed as a result.

So although I know that sunny skies are much more the norm of my life now, even the raindrops are created with a purpose…………


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