As I learn more and more about myself and my dreams through my coaching work, I also am learning more and more about acceptance, and how that fits into my life. Now, I have always known what acceptance is, yet I think I am shifting in the way that it affects me today.

Acceptance for me, in the past, has been about realizing that I can only control my own behavior, no one else’s, and I need to accept them for who they are. That is similar to how I feel now; however, in the past, even when I have had acceptance about the actions, feelings or thoughts of another person, I kind of disconnected from my feelings for that person. If they did or said something that reflected where they were at, but felt hurtful or uncomfortable to me, I would often either react emotionally, or I would shut off any feelings that I had about it.

Acceptance today has evolved to something a bit more connected than this way of thinking. I still know and believe that there are many in this world, and I am realizing, many more since I have started being transparent about my work, that think very differently than me. There are also many people in this world who can only give so much, risk so much, surrender their feelings and thoughts only to a certain point. ANd, for each of them, I have acceptance, although difficult at times. However, it is acceptance, with love.

No matter what, I can accept that someone is not where I am at, yet continue to love them. Not everyone is ready or willing to communicate openly, confess, or stop hiding from the truths of their lives. I am, however, that means that I need to accept where those people are at, and keep loving them, no matter what.

It also means, that I need to continue to open my heart more and more. It can be tempting to want to shut it down, to protect it from those that are still not ready to do the work of truth. However, I am striving for full acceptance, with love, and also, with an open heart.

Because I want to let my own light shine upon all of those that I meet, to inspire them to release their own.


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