Monthly Archives: November 2010

My gratitude list

I am so grateful for so many things in my life, on any given today. Today is just a formal opportunity to truly reflect upon all of the things, people and events that are in my life that are so meaningful and special to me. As I join family and friends over the holiday weekend for meals, fellowship and love, I will truly keep in mind all that there is to be grateful for.

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter.
I am grateful for my family, the one that I chose to be born to, the one that I have created.
I am grateful for my health and my strong body.
I am grateful for a home that is warm and inviting.
I am grateful for the many friends that I have in my life.
I am grateful for life’s work that gives meaning and purpose.
I am grateful for self reflection and growth.
I am grateful for learning to live with a more open heart.
I am grateful for money to take care of all that I want and I need.
I am grateful for the gifts, and the challenges, that are present in my life.

All of this and more is what I reflect on, on this Thanksgiving day. May Thanksgiving bring you joys and time to reflect on all of the gifts in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Finding my spirit self

One of the areas that I am working on developing, and bringing more to my dream state of it, is the area of spirituality. Spirituality and I have been on many journeys together. Yet, in this time of my life, I am looking deeply at truly what it means to me, and what I want it to bring to my life.

I have explored spirituality usually one of two ways: either through formalized religion, specifically Christianity; and through my Native American roots, by being closer to the Earth and living things. Both have brought me connection and deep sense of purpose, of reaching my soul. Of feeling really connected to something much bigger than myself.

However, I am now wanting something consistent, in terms of practice and belief, that also feels good all of the time, and not contradictory to what I truly think, feel and believe. Organized Christian religion had come to feel that way for me. It really didn’t matter what denomination I tried on; it just felt like relying on man made spirituality brought with it too many expectations that were not connected to the spirit source, but the ceremony of it all. I am looking for something deeper than that.

I can even venture to say that there is nothing like spirituality to get people uncomfortable. I think most humans are looking for deep meaning, and looking to a higher power of some sort to connect with. I can include myself in that group. However, I met so many people in my life who were uncomfortable with my questions, whether questioning the church, or questioning my own beliefs. It cuts deep for so many of us, and my asking the questions reminds others of the questions that they have as well, but are afraid to ask.

That is what coaching has been for me in all life areas, to be honest. Asking the questions that many humans are too afraid to ask, of themselves or others.

Today, I am making promises and taking steps to truly explore. I am spending five minutes each day, committing the time to some activity that truly helps me to connect, to feel a part of, to dig deep. So far, that has been prayer; sitting in nature; and focusing on my breath. What a foundation.

As I go forward, finding and then acknowledging my spirit self is something that will always be with me. It is so important to the rest of my work, and it does well with my soul.

Using my magic

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Last night, my daughter and I did the midnight showing of the new saga in the Harry Potter series. It was an amazing experience for the two of us, and I discovered some new ways that his story relates to my own, as I am writing it.

I used to believe that magic, to some degree, happened outside of myself. Meaning, I could create and make magic happen, for sure, but that much of it was also up to the Universe, the forces that be, karma, and higher power stuff. That magic would be brought to me rather than me bringing it to myself.

I thought about it in relation to Harry Potter, and the wands that each of the characters carry with them. Each wand chooses the owner, however, the magic that happens with those wands is up to the user. Up to their own will and belief in what it is that they truly want. At least that is my take on it.

I believe that is truly how it is in terms of the magic that is at work in our own lives. I no longer believe that the magic occurs outside of us, and if we our of good fortune or generous people, we get to have it happen.

I know that the magic is within me, waiting to be discovered. I may be unique and special, but so are you, and you, and you. We are all special in our own way, and we all have magic within that yearns to be discovered and called out. If we believe in what it is that we can truly accomplish, not give up on our dreams, and see the vision of what we are truly meant to do in this world, then we can truly make magic in all areas of our lives.

What does your wand look like? And, how much magic are you making?

Map of the world

I have truly talked myself out of the beauty and necessity of dreaming big dreams for so many of the most recent years of my life. In working, parenting, making and keeping money, and travelling, there seemed to be so many obligations, that dreams had no place in there.

However, I have realized that dreams are no longer an optional entity. They are required to have the best life possible, and to offer only my best to all of those whom I meet.

I have thought of this tonight as having a map of the world. Up until this point, my maps have been stored away in my glove compartment, for the time when I would find in my busy life to take those journeys that I would imagine in my mind. Go to all of those places that I was sure that I would find amazing, inspiring, and so in tune with who I am. Yet, a luxury for someday……

No way is that the way to go for me anymore. I keep my map of the world in my pocket. It is full of notes and marks and indicators of all of the places that I will go, all of the things that I will do and discover and create and connect with and BE! The map of the world is the map of all of the dreams that I am going to have come true in this beautiful lifetime.

I will never talk myself out of having all of my dreams ever again. To not live my dreams is to offer half of myself to all of those whom I love, and all of those whom I have yet to meet. It is to show less than the power of possibility to my daughter.

Instead, I want her map of the world to be in her pocket, dog earred and folded and ripped and marked up, because her dreams are so within her reach.



To me, the word “desire” has always indicated in my mind something related to sex or sexuality. That is based on the way in which I have most often seen in used: to describe physical or sexual desire of one person toward another. It is just the image in my mind when I think of the word. That is, until the last few months.

As I do my Intensati workouts each morning, the word “desire” is every present in the affirmations that I use. And, it isn’t in this sexual, physical desire context. It is much deeper than that. The word “desire” is used frequently in the affirmations to get me thinking about what I truly want in my life. What do I desire? What do I dream of? What do I truly want?

And, I have to say, that it really helps me get to the source of my true soul, the source of what it is I most dream of having and accomplishing in my life. The word desire says it for me like no other.

Today, the word desire to me means something much deeper than want, much deeper even than dream. Desire, to me, indicates the feeling that comes from wanting something from the deepest parts of your self, and going forward fully with it. Being on fire about it. Wanting it so much, that not having it is not an option.

That is why it is truly desire that is going to take me to my dreams. Because, when I think about my dreams in all 18 areas of my life, my desire to have them is what takes me to the deepest place within my self. And, when I call up and stay in that deepest place, I know fully that they will all be realized.

What is your desire? What do you truly want? Remember, listen deeply to your soul, and that is where you find your deepest desires.

Make those dreams happen!