Finding my muchness

I never read the book, “Alice in Wonderland”, yet I loved the newest film version of the story by Tim Burton. To simplify it, it is the story of a young woman who is questioning her place in this world, as well as the world when she falls down the rabbit hole. And, her subsequent journey to find her muchness.


Indeed, muchness. The ability to handle whatever may come your way. The strength to persevere and to fight for and believe in what is truly most important. To boldly go where we may have dared to go before.

That struck such a chord with me when I saw the movie, but only after I had seen it for the third time did it really hit me. Because, I realized how universal our own quest for muchness is, as human beings.

You see, in the beginning of the story, Alice senses that she is unhappy with the course that her life is taking, yet isn’t sure what she can actually do to change it. She also doesn’t sense that she is lacking anything, anything that would enable her to have what she desires at least. She doesn’t seem to be craving her muchness, because she doesn’t seem to know that she is missing it from her life, really.

I see myself quite like Alice in this way. Although I found myself craving a growth in my awareness, and increase in my state of being, I don’t think that I really ever thought that I was missing my muchness. I think that for much of my life, I have gone along doing the best that I could with what I had. Most of the time, I was contented to be as I was, and only during short periods of frustration would seek something different. And then, go back to my life as it was.

I have been finding my muchness as of late, or at least, realizing that I have been missing it. So now, I am on a quest to gain as much of my muchness as is mine to have. To achieve every dream that I have on my list. To show my bravest self and go forward against any Jabberwocky that might show itself in my path.

I know that my muchness is like my suit of armour. And it will be the biggest help in realizing what I truly desire, and truly deserve.

Just like Alice.


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