Just keep swimming…..

I love the movie, “Finding Nemo”. It is touching, inspirational, and human. Telling the story of what is most important in our lives. And, to just keep swimming.

Dory is such an amazing character, the blue fish that helps Nemo’s father find his son. Dory can’t remember things much of the time; however, she has a terrific outlook on life, and keeps herself going, and those around her, with her mantra, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming….” which she repeats in the movie.

I feel like Dory in my life right now, with the life changes that are taking place. So many other times in my life, during periods of transition, I would run from what I had to deal with, hide, withdraw, or numb myself from the impact of it. At this point in my life, I am ready to grow up; to face the difficult situations with confidence and compassion, and to be brave and go forward. To just keep swimming.

I am having difficult conversations, sometimes daily, about my life and the changes within it. I am sitting in conflict without lashing out or running away. I am facing up to what is happening and being brave. And, I just keep taking steps, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger, toward my goals and dreams. If I stop swimming, I give in to the sadness and resign myself to not change, to just let it wash over me, if I do that than I stop truly living. Swimming is my life line, it allows me to stay focused on what is most important and on all the brilliance that I have waiting for me.

So, I will keep swimming, take in all that is around me, and look forward to the beauty that lies just past the next reef……


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