To me, the word “desire” has always indicated in my mind something related to sex or sexuality. That is based on the way in which I have most often seen in used: to describe physical or sexual desire of one person toward another. It is just the image in my mind when I think of the word. That is, until the last few months.

As I do my Intensati workouts each morning, the word “desire” is every present in the affirmations that I use. And, it isn’t in this sexual, physical desire context. It is much deeper than that. The word “desire” is used frequently in the affirmations to get me thinking about what I truly want in my life. What do I desire? What do I dream of? What do I truly want?

And, I have to say, that it really helps me get to the source of my true soul, the source of what it is I most dream of having and accomplishing in my life. The word desire says it for me like no other.

Today, the word desire to me means something much deeper than want, much deeper even than dream. Desire, to me, indicates the feeling that comes from wanting something from the deepest parts of your self, and going forward fully with it. Being on fire about it. Wanting it so much, that not having it is not an option.

That is why it is truly desire that is going to take me to my dreams. Because, when I think about my dreams in all 18 areas of my life, my desire to have them is what takes me to the deepest place within my self. And, when I call up and stay in that deepest place, I know fully that they will all be realized.

What is your desire? What do you truly want? Remember, listen deeply to your soul, and that is where you find your deepest desires.

Make those dreams happen!


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